The alarm of the ex-minister Amendola on the risks of the Pnrr in the hands of Lease

Accused by the Pd of “making a mess” on the Pnrr. While the European Commission reminds him that “every revision must not lower the general ambitions of the Plan”. Minister Raffaele Fitto, to whom Prime Minister Meloni has entrusted the management of the national recovery and resilience plan, now also has to deal with the internal disagreements of the majority on the works that cannot be completed by 2026. Interior Minister Matteo Salvini insists that the resources all must be spent and he reiterates that “if some other minister fails to spend all that is foreseen, we as Infrastructures can spend a few billion more”.

“The numerous interviews released by Minister Fitto on the Pnrr restore the image of a government that discusses the largest reconstruction mission ever financed by the EU as if it were at the bar talking about the installments of Equitalia”, accuses the deputy of the Pd Enzo Amendola, that that plan helped to write as head of European affairs in the Conte 2 executive and as undersecretary with Mario Draghi.

“In their argument I sense a mixture of annoyance, as if the 200 billion allocated were a disgrace, and an inability to understand the importance of the challenge Italy is facing”, Amendola told Republic. “And it is surprising that this approach comes from the nationalist right which in Europe should flaunt a pride of country, rather than expressing doubts about the plan, taking it out on past governments and Brussels”.

According to Amendola, Fitto plays the blame game. “After eight months, passing the buck is comical,” he says. «That’s why we in the Democratic Party ask that the truth be told once and for all: what doesn’t work and what needs to be changed, if there is anything to change. I’m a reformist and I don’t like stirring up polemics or spite against those who come after, but with them at the helm, the third installment hasn’t arrived yet and we’re late for the fourth of June. They are facts, not opinions.”

Also on the changes to the plan, nothing has been seen so far. «For now, just chatting since up to now he hasn’t produced a card, or a card useful for us to understand the problems. Yet, especially on the fundamental chapters – sustainability, care of the territory, technological innovation for businesses and public administration – the Pnrr offers a unique opportunity to modernize and secure the country, drawing on the common EU debt”. But “first they have to come to an agreement among themselves. The truth is that the fault of this chaos lies entirely in the internal disagreements of the majority”.

Fitto, explains Amendola, «says that a large part of the infrastructure will have to be cut and Salvini that we need to focus on infrastructure. Then he announces that some projects will not meet the deadlines and the MEF fears the issue of new debt securities to cover. For us, the indications of President Mattarella apply: the Pnrr is a national mission and we must all stay on the fence to implement it. Instead of making us spend our time voting on decrees and motions, let them bring clear guidelines to Parliament and we are ready to collaborate. Otherwise they are just empty words to hide their incapacity».

Amendola recalls that «by 31 August, even the countries that initially had not drawn on European loans will ask for them. Italy moved first, taking all the available resources in time, also because otherwise they would have flowed into a common fund. As for the projects: if they need to be updated, tell us which ones and let’s work on them together. Since it is an investment plan, it is necessary to discuss it papers in hand, not in the newspapers ».

But if we were to lose money, «due to negligence, inexperience or precise political will – as well as betraying the next generations of Italians, we will betray one of the greatest signs of change in post-austerity Europe. Here, I would not want this to be the purpose of the right: to bury the pro-European push achieved with the Pnrr ». Amendola asks the government to say «what are the unfeasible projects. But we don’t know. On the Pnrr there is only darkness and a lot of confusion. A depressing spectacle that risks making us lose credibility in the eyes of Europe».

But the joints remain complex, the revision of the Plan is kept under wraps. In the six-monthly report to the Chambers, Lease will explain why it will be necessary to renegotiate some objectives. The idea is to show up in the classroom the first week of June, immediately after a visit to the control room.

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2023-05-23 05:33:54

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