«The alcohol in wine is carcinogenic, it’s not true that it’s good for you. I fast 16 hours a day, I lost 11 kilos»

It is not true that two glasses of vino a day are good. To support it is the immunologist Antonella Viola in his book “The Way of Equilibrium. Science of aging and longevity”. «To say that a couple of glasses of wine a day doesn’t hurt is false and dangerous. Ethanol, thealcohol which is used in all types of alcoholic beverages, is carcinogenic», explains the professor of General Pathology in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Padua, in a passage from the book extrapolated from the Corriere del Veneto.

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Antonella Viola: «The alcohol in wine is carcinogenic»

Viola further underlines that the risk associated with alcohol consumption is greater in women than in men: «An English study calculated that out of 1,000 women and 1,000 men who consume an average of one bottle of wine a week, 14 women and 10 men will develop a tumor caused by alcohol… It is no coincidence that already in 1988 the International Agency for Research on Cancer and the World Health Organization included ethanol in the list of first level carcinogens».

Intermittent fasting

In the book, scientific information alternates with personal stories by Antonella Viola, who recounts her experience with intermittent fasting: «A couple of years ago I began to include hours of fasting in my food routine, initially 16 hours – and this has become a habit that I follow at least 4 days a week – and then occasionally extend to 20 or 24».

A decision, reveals the immunologist, born after a delicate operation: «After the removal of the thyroid and the subsequent menopause, I have seen, as happens to many women, my body change. My waist circumference began to grow like never before… I had tried diets, I bought a treadmill but I just couldn’t feel like I was before… my metabolism had changed. And a new approach was needed. I was familiar with intermittent fasting… And so I started fasting 16 hours a day, every day, but I also stopped drinking all kinds of alcoholic beverages and changed my diet. Within 4 months I had lost 11 kg and was back to my usual size. Since then, I only drink one glass on special occasions and try to fit in 16 hours of fasting at least 4 times a week. And I feel so fit that I’ve started training again.”

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