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Bipolar disorder is difficult to diagnose and is most likely hereditary, explains columnist Anis Ouyahia.PHOTO : iStock / ThitareeSarmkasat

Often misunderstood, bipolar affective disorder affects approximately 1% of the world’s population. The fact remains that its consequences can be serious if it is not treated, insists the doctor of pharmacy Anis Ouyahia.

Anis Ouyahia describes the different types of bipolarity as well as the typical symptoms of the manic and depressive phases.

« Often, what we observe is that for our patients who come out of a manic phase, the fall can be vertiginous, to find themselves in a deep depressive phase. »

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Anise Ouyahia

He stresses the importance of getting a proper diagnosis and treatment, even though the process can sometimes be long and complex. “The diagnosis can take 10 years to become clearer,” he adds.

Anis Ouyahia also addresses the health risks of certain drug treatments such as antidepressants or lithium.