The amnesty of Di Maio's father for the family home in Pomigliano


The father of Luigi Di Maio he asked and got the condoning building abuses made in family home to Pomigliano D'Arco. This is what the newspaper reveals today Republic (article by Conchita Sannino). Antonio Di Maio, surveyor and small entrepreneur, father of the 5 Star Movement leader and vice premier, he would have healed in recent years 150 square meters of abuses on two levels. These are extensions on the second and third floors of the building where the political leader who became Minister of Labor and Economic Development was born and grew up, and where he often returns.

Di Maio's father and the amnesty for the family home in Pomigliano

As rebuilt by Repubblica, the deputy prime minister's father, now 68, would have condoned the abuses by appealing to the law 47 of 1985, the first long-term amnesty of the Craxi government. But the grant with the account to be paid they would arrive in 2006. Antonio Di Maio would have paid 2 thousand euros to heal a newly built apartment. Baths, bedrooms, breakfast nooks and a study would appear. In the cards we talk about building works done in different years and the "expansion of an existing building on the second and third floor" is indicated. About 75 square meters condoned about 75 are shown as habitable. When the practice closed, Luigi Di Maio, born in 1986, was twenty and was already involved in politics.

The reply: "My house in good standing, invented scoop"

This is certainly a discovery that does not help to limit the criticism of the M5S leader, in these days targeted for the proposal for amnesty of abuses carried out in Ischia, in the municipalities hit by the earthquake in August 2017. A deputy premier's reply it is not late to arrive. In a live on Facebook Di Maio said: «This morning Republic invented this scoop on the amnesty on Di Maio's family home. Let's go to page 10, where the photo of my family is banged, a family that has always been honest. So I called my father this morning, 'What have you done?' And he told me that in 2006 we got one answer of an application made in 1985 on a house built in 1966. The house had been built by my grandfather according to the Royal Decree of 1942. In 1985 my father asked for the regularization of the house, he introduced the question in April of 86 and in 2006, came the answer in which the City says: 'You have to pay 2000 euros and regularize the house built in 1966'. So my father regularizes one artifact built by my grandfather when he was 16, this is the big scoop of the Republic».

"No one must ever think – said the political leader of the 5 Star Movement – that when I receive an accusation like that, I have to shut up. We have always progressed only relying on our strength. So to all these people who every day spit poison on me, on the M5S and maybe just so they can go to national newspapers say 'put a little' more love and less anger '».

(Cover photo from Ansa archive: the Minister of Economic Development Luigi Di Maio at the Terminal Mercitalia Maddaloni-Marcianise, 29 October 2018. Image Credit: ANSA / CIRO FUSCO)


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