The amnesty returns tension to the Government: anger in Sumar because the PSOE uses the Council of Ministers to talk about the socialist position

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In the acting coalition government, and in the new co-government that the PSOE and Sumar want to share, they share an objective: to agree on an amnesty with the Catalan independentists so that they allow the inauguration of Pedro Sánchez and “guarantees” for a lasting Government. But on the way to that goal, there are discrepancies between the partners, discomfort due to statements or actions of the other. Nothing that jeopardizes the re-establishment of the coalition, but it does bring tensions back to the foreground.

In the team of summerthe party led by Yolanda Díaz, has caused anger and discomfort that the acting Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, downplayed the importance and significance of his amnesty initiative since The Moncloa. Journalists have asked Bolaños expressly their opinion on the document and what they did not share about it. “The document belongs to Sumar. It is not the position or document of the PSOE. We respect any document or contribution made to the debate, but it is neither the document nor the position of the PSOE.”

A distance and a distancing that is not new because that is how the socialists have been conveying it these days, since it became known that this Tuesday Sumar will unveil his text at an event in Barcelona. What has bothered Díaz’s team is that this disdain is made from the presidential complex and when the minister has intervened as a representative of the Government, but, instead, has alluded to the “PSOE position.” They understand that the minister should have spoken about the Government’s position in general and not whether or not it is his position.

They also remember that there have been several occasions in which the spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez, or another minister have relied on the fact that they spoke as members of the Executive so as not to address party positions.

Bolaños, in his presentation, has implicitly confirmed that the negotiation is about amnesty, because when asked about it he wanted to send a message: “Any agreement we adopt will be impeccable from a constitutional point of view.” Of course, no clue about the date of the investiture. “I can’t say anything because I don’t think anyone knows her.” Bolaños is one of the negotiators appointed by Pedro Sánchez.

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