The Android operating system is dead


It is known that now more than 3/4 of the total number of smartphones in the world work on the basis of the Android operating system, the original version of Google released more than ten years ago, or long ago. Since then, this software has changed radically, both in terms of stability and in terms of appearance. However, this platform is already dead, and this is indicated by the fact that Huawei has managed to create a new smartphone system called Kirin OS.

As was disclosed by an official source, who was the head of the Yu Chengdong mobile unit, Huawei Corporation has created its own operating system called Kirin OS since 2012, and was eventually completed. It turns out that it was created for almost seven years, during which this software became superior to Android. Linux is its base, and this is already a good sign that it can be the key to high speed and reliability.

Note that Huawei's new operating system will be released in 2019, but if Google is forced to ban the Chinese company, one of its main partners, from using the Android platform due to US government requirements. The company does not want to release Kirin OS this year due to the fact that the market is not yet ready for this, that is, it is not the best time to launch a new smartphone operating system, although it can also be installed on tablet.

According to reports, Kirin OS is very similar to Apple's iOS, but it is open, so users can change the appearance of the items at their discretion, as well as using software with unlimited possibilities. With a combination of factors, the new platform is much better than Android, which, although it has been updated every year for over a decade, but which is extremely obsolete. There is every reason to believe that the development of Google will end as soon as the gadgets under the control of the Huawei system begin to be placed on the market.

Earlier it was learned that the US company Google released the Fuchsia OS operating system to replace Android.

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