The anger of Anamá Ferreira for the response of Victoria Donda when she wanted to denounce Adriana Aguirre at INADI

Anamá Ferreira

September 25, 2021 17:37

After the scandalous comment of Adriana aguirre, Anamá Ferreira wanted to denounce the star in the National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism (INADI). However, she was surprised by a striking response from Victoria Donda and did not hesitate to tell.
On Thursday afternoon, showbiz was peppered with the scandal that wrapped Anamá Ferreira and Adriana Aguirre. While both participated as guests of the television cycle It’s in your hands, the star was interrupted and launched a racist comment against the Brazilian: “Let me talk, monkey”.

After this situation, there was a lot of talk and both made their discharge in different ways. However, when Anama wanted to formally denounce Aguirre he found a striking response from the head of INADI, Victoria Donda.

In dialogue with Nosotros a la Mañana, the former model commented that she had contacted the agency. “I called her to Donda and I told him what was happening. I had not seen it, I sent him the link and today he called me and He told me that he would have the result of the Brancatelli thing (they had a crash a few months ago). I already forgot about that. He tells me that they are not police, that they do not put blame on people, that they accompany if the judge calls”, He expressed.

Adriana Aguirre and AnamáDuration: 00:09

Adriana Aguirre’s comment

In addition, he added that he did not feel the necessary support and advice: “He told me to go online and file a complaint. It is very hard, they do not know how painful it is to suffer an offense because you are of another color. And this was said on television, that there are a lot of guys watching. Then they go to school and tell any classmate ”.

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What’s more, Anamá Ferreira He also told in another interview that Aguirre He rehearsed an apology for a message on social networks that did not conform.


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