The anguish of Jimena Barón because her son is quarantining with Daniel Osvaldo and “does not want to return”

This measure aims to guarantee the right of minors to “maintain personal relationships and direct contact with parents or emotional references” within the framework of social, preventive and compulsory isolation. In order to do so, it is necessary to carry the sworn statement approved by Resolution No. 132/20 of the Ministry of Social Development.

This week, the little one Momo she is living with the soccer player of Club Atlético Banfield, while the popular singer is alone in her apartment. In this context, the boy admitted that he preferred to stay at his dad’s house because of the comforts he has. Upon learning of this news, Jimena expressed all her anguish and pain through her stories on Instagram.

I cannot compete with my ex’s house, therefore, my son does not want to return to my house because I have no grass, no metegol, no pool, no shit. So I am here, alone, and I cannot judge it because with the crappy humor I have, I am not going to demand that he come to quarantine with me either, ”said the actress while uncorking a wine in her kitchen.

“But if the question is if I am going to drink wine every night, the answer is yes. It is a decision, there are people who start astrology online, there are people who start therapy online, who read, meditate, I am going to drink wine all the nights … ”added Barón, totally hurt to miss the presence of the little one.

“My last supermarket purchase was 10 days ago and the city was a desert. Today we went shopping again and it was full of people and cars. Did anyone else notice? ”Jimena asked her Twitter followers. “We went? I imagine you went without Momo ”, said a user. “And I leave him locked up alone at home?”Baron replied.

Tired of being questioned for her way of acting, the interpreter of The Cobra wrote: “How do we moms do it alone? Do we leave the children locked up? I go to the supermarket every 10 days, I come back alone loaded like an ekeko. I pay everything. In my small apartment I am an octopus like millions of SOLAS moms. What cruelty! They have my ovaries on the plate. “

Then she took the opportunity to show solidarity with the women who are going through the same situation in the midst of the pandemic: “I embrace all the mothers who are quarantining alone (especially those who live in small spaces). I admire you, you who wear the clown smile, the broom in the ortho and you go around the house juggling so that your son, in addition to being clean, eaten and educated, laughs ”.

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