The Animal Welfare Law debuts with surprises pending from the new Government

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It comes into force today, six months after its publication in the BOEthe law for the protection of animal rights and welfare, promoted by Ione Herbacting Minister of Social Rights and Agenda 2030. Approved on February 9 in the Congress of Deputies, this norm was a cause of conflict during the last legislature between the PSOE and Unidas Podemos as a result of the differences that arose within of the coalition government for the inclusion of hunting dogs in it, as the purples demanded, although they were finally left out of the law.

Sergio Torres, general director of Animal Rights, explained to Efe that the law has two fundamental objectives. On the one hand, reduce the abandonment of pets to zero, a figure that according to him is around 300,000 each year; and on the other hand, limit the sacrifice of animals found in kennels: “Right now, about 100,000 healthy abandoned animals are sacrificed,” said Torres.

The law, however, will come into effect at half speed. Several significant points, such as the obligation to hire a liability insurance for all dog breeds as well as the fact that the new owners take training courses (which will be free), will not be applied initially. These two measures require the development of a regulation that has not been approved by the Council of Ministers since the Government has been in office since July. However, several autonomous communities already require insurance.

The one known as Belarra law establishes several new features. Starting today, pet stores will have one year to stop selling and displaying in their windows. dogs, gatos y ferrets, which can only be purchased through a registered breeder. Yes, they are allowed to continue selling rabbits, guinea pigs, rodents, aves o pieces.

Those who leave their pets unsupervised for more than three days (only one in the case of dogs), use them in public shows or subject them to excessive work will be punished. Likewise, their destination for human consumption and the use of handling tools that could cause injuries, such as electric, impulse or punishment collars, will be sanctioned.

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