The anti-Covid vaccination campaign has increased the demand for another serum. Ana Măiță, good news

The president of the Mothers for Mothers Association, Ana Măiță, spoke exclusively for DCNews, during the event ‘HEALTH ROMANIA 2021: Challenges for the Romanian health system’, about the proposal to reform the HPV vaccination program in Romania.

Invited to the event ‘HEALTH ROMANIA 2021: Challenges for the Romanian health system’, from DCNewsTV, Ana Măiță also spoke about the proposal to reform the anti-HPV vaccination program in Romania.

On this subject, she said, first of all, that ‘things have changed and that is, in fact, the good news that I am glad I can give at the event.’

‘We see, even in recent years, perhaps against the background of the anti-Covid vaccination campaign, that parents, in greater numbers than five years ago, are asking for this vaccine ( Anti-HPV) for their children, girls and boys. ‘, Ana Măiță pointed out on DCNewsTV.

‘If indeed 10 years ago our society was ambivalent about this vaccine and we were working to persuade parents to persuade them to vaccinate their children against a virus that can cause terrible, mutilating and even potentially fatal cancer, today I can tell you that more than 40,000 parents across the country, girls and boys, have requested this vaccine. ‘, she underlined.

Mothers for Mothers Association, proposal to reform the HPV vaccination program

This spring, the Mothers for Mothers Association made a proposal to reform the anti-HPV vaccination program in Romania, ‘just to meet this new extraordinarily positive spirit that we see among parents.’ supported by Ana Măiță.

‘We need a reform of the HPV vaccination program right now. We can no longer lose the chance to protect our children against a mutilating and potentially fatal cancer, but which we can prevent by vaccination, at the right time. It is a vaccine with efficiency at any age, but maximum efficiency exists if we do it at adolescence. ‘, Said Ana Măiță.

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The two key points of the reform proposal

The Ministry of Health responded positively to the request, at the end of May, when the Mothers for Mothers Association organized ‘a round table on this topic’.

“Basically, at the moment, we are waiting for the Romanian Ministry of Health and public authorities to honor the promises made then,” added the president of the Mothers for Mothers Association.

1. The first promise: to extend the age at which the vaccine is compensated for girls – up to 18 years – but also to include boys in the national vaccination program.

‘Currently, the age at which a parent can apply for compensated vaccination is between 11 and 14 years. If the parents make this request to the family doctor within the mentioned interval, she will receive the ideal vaccine until the age of 15, but also after, if the Ministry of Health failed to secure and send the vaccine doses on time. ‘ explained Ana Măiță.

2. The second promise: Reforming the procedure by which parents and family doctors can apply for the HPV vaccine, respectively an online platform.

‘Now, the process is a difficult one, an endless bureaucracy, with papers, with documents … Our association proposed launching an online platform, whose architecture already exists, for parents directly to make the request online, based on the child’s CNP and the initial code corresponding to the family doctor.

Thus, the Ministry of Health can have a direct, transparent, immediate image of the requests from parents, in order to make plans for the acquisition and distribution of vaccine doses. ‘, Concluded Ana Măiță on DCNewsTV.

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