The anti-terrorist fight warned of the dangers of the CDR against Llarena

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The anti-terrorist services of the National Police They have already warned that CDR were the greatest threat against magistrate Pablo Llarena, instructor of the case of the illegal referendum of the 1-O for which the fugitive Carles Puigdemont is being prosecuted. The document prepared by the General Information Commissioner’s Office listed the risks of violent actions against the judge who was subsequently subjected to harassment by the pro-independence supporters. “The main threat comes from the possible actions of radical militants belonging to the following groups,” police specialists warned.

That report, to which you have had access THE WORLDexpressly cites the CDRcommittees that the Government has included in its agreement with the independentists to be amnestied together with the independence platform Democratic Tsunami. Some of its members participated in an escrache against the judge in 2018. Such was the harassment to which they were subjected that they had to travel outside of Spain to spend their holidays. On Friday, heto the National Court agreed to open a trial against 12 of the CDRs.

«The Committees for the Defense of the Republic are made up of militant activists from far-left pro-independence groups, mainly linked to the youth sector of the CUP. They have been implemented throughout Catalonia and they currently have more than 250 active committees and their number is growing rapidly. The CDR “They are becoming the main means of coordination of ‘actions in defense of the Republic’ and have already shown signs of their potential, directing the radical actions during the strike day carried out in Catalonia,” says the report. He remembers other violent actions in which there were arrests and injuries. This document was prepared when the actions of the radicals and the Justice had launched the investigation for 1-O.

The report also details how the Arran collectiveanother of the dangers for the magistrate Llarena, was “integrated into the independence Left.” It was a group with “a high degree of autonomy and represents a real threat, since it has demonstrated an unequivocal determination to activate a radical and violent response.” «Arran normalizes the use of violence, causing small incidents but with great media impact, generally without injuries, easy to perpetrate and, although it cannot be compared either for the intensity or the seriousness of the attacks, it is evident that it maintains a dynamic of some similarity with the actions of Street fight. Furthermore, it should be kept in mind that the core of Arran in the town where the magistrate resides is very active, showing a high capacity for action,” the instruction indicates. Members of Arran made graffiti against Llarena and the CGPJ He asked for protection for himself and his family.

The police pointed out that “the climate of social tension that exists in Catalonia and the importance of the decisions that the magistrate must make means that the threats against his person and his family environment must be taken into consideration”, therefore “the level of threat he bears is high” and recommends “the adoption of preventive measures ».

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