The Apex Legends effect detonates the visibility of Apex Construct, the VR game – News


To reposition a few things, remember itApex Legends is an online FPS of the actual battle type, recently released without previous campaigns by Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment, which places it in its Titanfall universe despite the absence of these famous titans. A huge amount of players have gone to see what they are returning, the title is available for free on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and earns from its shop of skins, emotes and other gadgets. It works very well even on video platforms and is a testament to an air trumpet when the seasons of its competitors are all late or very advanced.

If on the PC the game must be downloaded for free via Origin, the platform of EA, a significant number of people have obviously gone to see the side of the Steam distribution leader; an error that has benefited from a title with a relatively close name. In fact, on the Reddit forums, a representative of the Fast Travel Games study said that the number of visitors has increased by over 4000% on the Steam page.Apex Construct, a title without links and published almost a year ago, in which players survive the arc in post-apo scenarios, a virtual reality helmet screwed on the head. Better still, the stock was sold more in China this past week than during the entire 2018 year. The price is 29.99 euros. Not surprisingly, we find out by giving a look at the recent Steam ratings ofApex Construct some confusing comments written in Chinese and admit that it is not the right game.

Its developers expect that most users who have made a mistake ask for a refund, but the event will have generated a nice mania for the title and will probably attract the attention of virtual reality players influenced by the concept .



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