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Earlier in the week, users of a Studio Display de Apple They were met with an unpleasant surprise: the sound was not working as it should. A very annoying bug since it did not allow to play music correctly. Although luckily, there is already a solution to this problem.

The truth is Apple’s monitor has not been without controversy. Despite its high price, during the launch many criticized the lack of camera quality, although finally the company with the bitten apple solved the problem through a software update.

And the same has happened now where, after discovering the studio display problems When it comes to playing sound, Apple has been working to fix this bug. And now through the manufacturer support website bitten apple, you can finally fix this bug by updating your monitor.

This software update fixes sound issues on the Apple Studio Display

Although the truth is that the company knew about the sound problems in the Studio Display for a long time. The manufacturer did not provide a solution and users realized that this failure was getting worse, causing the sound was cut off or it didn’t work at all.

Now, after the release of this new firmware update, the problem should be fixed, as indicated in the notes:“Resolves an audio issue with Studio Display.”

Unfortunately, and as usual when there are problems related to brand products, Apple has not said anything about it until it solves the problem. Y That a monitor that costs 1,779 euros in Spain has these problems is far from normal.

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It is true that this equipment is impressive, remember that it hides an A13 Bionic processor and 64 GB of storage, but the user experience should be perfect from the moment of purchase.

How to fix sound issues on the Apple Studio Display

If you are the owner of this monitor and want fix audio issues on apple studio display, you just have to go to the Apple menu located in the upper left. Tap on the Apple logo to go to Settings.

Within Settings, click the software update icon to have Apple Studio Display download the update automatically. Finally, install the available updates and you will be able to enjoy your monitor in the best conditions.

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