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The arrest of a special forces man accused of arranging the escape of Carlos Ghosn

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Japan asked Lebanon to extradite Carlos Ghosn

US authorities arrested a former Special Forces soldier and his son on charges of helping former Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn escape from Japan in December. / December of the yearthe past.

Former Green Beret soldier Michael Taylor, 59, and his son Peter, 26, were arrested in Massachusetts today Wednesday.

It is reported that the Japanese public prosecutor issued a warrant for his arrest in January /Last January.

who is he

Only two names were on the list of passengers of the private plane that arrived from Osaka Airport in Japan to Ataturk Airport in Istanbul on December 30, 2019, and the name of Carlos Ghosn who arrived in Beirut on the morning of December 30, 2019, was absent.

Since the escape of former Nissan-Renault chief Carlos Ghosn from Japan and his arrival in Beirut, many questions revolve around how he escaped from Japan, a country known for its accuracy, discipline and rigor in law enforcement.

And spread many theories and assumptions about the parties or parties that helped him in the process of escape, which is similar to movies.

A private Bombardier plane, owned by a private Turkish airline, has carried a branch from Japan to Turkey, and from there to Lebanon.

The media covered the essential role played by two people who accompanied Ghosn on his trip from Japan to Turkey, especially the American Michael Taylor.

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It is an Emirati company that has a relationship with a former element of the British Special Forces that hired the two Turkish planes

The New York Times reported that Lebanese citizens had acted as a mediator in ordering Taylor to arrange for Ghosn to escape from Japan to Lebanon.

Japanese media say that among the steps Taylor took during the phases of Ghosn’s departure from Japan, he boarded a high-speed train from the capital Tokyo to Osaka, which is about 500 km away. There, he boarded a private plane waiting for him at the city’s airport, which is not subject to strict inspection procedures, taking a branch with him after he put it inside a large box used to transport musical instruments.

The plane arrived in Turkey, and there Ghosn was transferred to another plane waiting for him on the runway, and then he flew to Beirut.

“A threat”

Turkish media quoted the director of operations for the MNG airline from which the planes were chartered, Okan Kusman, that he had helped smuggle a branch without knowing who it was.

Kusman has been arrested by Turkish authorities for smuggling people. Cosman told the authorities concerned that one of his longtime acquaintances in Lebanon called him and asked him to help in a case of “global importance” and that his family would be in danger if he rejected the request.

“I was afraid,” Cosman said in his testimony to the police. “I took a man from one plane and put him on another plane at the airport. I didn’t know who he was.”

Taylor, 59, is a former U.S. Special Forces officer who served in many Middle Eastern countries and was imprisoned in the United States on charges of bribing a FBI official to halt an investigation into a contract the US Defense Department had with Taylor to train Afghan special forces .

Japan “failed to provide a fair trial” to Carlos Ghosn

Outstanding performance

Taylor did not complete his studies, left school by the end of his teens, and followed in the footsteps of his stepfather, so he joined the army. Soon, his star shone and showed a striking superiority, which enabled him to join the special forces.

During the Cold War phase, the mission of the top-secret unit in which Taylor served, the “nuclear explosive unit for destruction operations”, was to carry out parachutists from high altitudes behind enemy lines, to open the canopy at the last minute and detonate a hand-held nuclear bomb carried by each They were in a handbag at the Fulda Gap camp in Germany, if he was exposed to the Soviet invasion.

1982 represented a turning point in Taylor’s pleasure, as he was among the first group of American special forces deployed in Lebanon at the height of the civil war, with the aim of providing training to the Christian “Lebanese Forces” militia in the wake of the assassination of Lebanese President Bashir Gemayel, and the Israeli invasion of Lebanon on the same Year.

Taylor has built a strong relationship with the Maronite minority in Lebanon since that time, and it continues until now.

Taylor left the U.S. military in 1983 four years after joining him. He later returned to Lebanon to work as a security contractor, and oversees the training of Christian forces. During that time, Taylor learned Arabic and married Lebanese Lamia Abboud in 1985.

Also during that period, Taylor got acquainted with the Lebanese George Antoine Zayek, who was next to Taylor on the plane that transported a branch from Japan to Ankara.

Taylor, accompanied by his wife, returned to New York in 1985. Thanks to his experience in the security field and his knowledge of the situation in Lebanon, he began working with the US FBI and other American security services to tackle drug trafficking and currency counterfeiting.

Lebanon prevents Carlos Ghosn from traveling

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Ghosn left this house without returning to it


In 1988, he was assigned by the US government to penetrate drug trafficking gangs in Lebanon, whose activities extend from the Middle East to the state of Massachusetts. Taylor managed to approach senior drug gang officials in Lebanon, and to reach drug production factories in the Lebanese Bekaa Valley, where cannabis fields were spread under the supervision of the Syrian forces there.

Thanks to Taylor’s efforts, the American authorities succeeded in confiscating a boat carrying hashish valued at $ 100 million.

In 1994, Taylor began working for his own account in the security field, when he founded a security company in the name of the “American Special Security Agency”, and the company entered into contracts with government and private agencies to provide security services to them, such as the “ABC” television network, and the Fox network, along with providing Services for private jets.

Japan issues a warrant for the arrest of Carlos Ghosn’s wife

The New York Times resorted to Taylor to free its reporter, David Rudd, who had been kidnapped in Afghanistan.

Taylor also rescued an American woman and her three children from the clutches of her abusive Lebanese husband. So the woman’s mother took refuge in Taylor after another contractor failed to get the mother and the children out of Syria, and in fact moved them from Lebanon to Syria in secret. Taylor managed to get the children, the woman and the security contractor out of Syria thanks to his strong ties in Syria and Lebanon.

aBusiness boom

Taylor’s business flourished after the American invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, as his company undertook training of commandos and guarding infrastructure in southern Iraq, and providing protection to the investigation teams in the mass graves and oil company employees, and Taylor resorted to employing many Lebanese Christians after his company prospered.

Taylor was sentenced by a US court to two years in prison after being found guilty of attempting to bribe a FBI security man, who was investigating a contract the US Defense Department had with Taylor to train Afghan special forces.

Taylor’s small contract swelled to $ 54 million. He paid some of the proceeds from the contract to his former acquaintances at the Ministry of Defense.

Taylor’s business was greatly affected by this issue and deteriorated greatly, as the company’s revenue declined to only $ 600,000 in 2012.

When Taylor was released from prison in 2015, the government returned him two million dollars in sums from his company.

After that, Taylor tried to market an energy product for athletes, but he did not have much success in this area, and he returned to the limelight with the escape of Ghosn.

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The box where Ghosn is said to have gone into hiding upon leaving Japan

Mask and hat

Several media outlets said that planning the process of removing Ghosn from Japan took several months, and that the team traveled to Japan more than twenty times, and conducted reconnaissance operations for more than ten Japanese airports, until it was able to find a security vulnerability at Osaka Airport that could be used to take Ghosn away. from Japan.

In the capital, Tokyo, Asen left the apartment where he was being held under house arrest. He met two people at a hotel in Tokyo, and the three took a fast train to Osaka, after wearing a bough and a face mask. The three entered a hotel close to the airport, and there a branch was placed in a large box used for transporting giant megaphones.

Holes are made in the bottom of the box to help Bough breathe. The Japanese authorities say that the photos of the surveillance cameras in the hotel show only two people exiting the hotel in the evening with two large boxes.

The big box was transported to the plane without being subject to customs inspection.

The plane took off and flew for 12 hours continuously through Russian airspace, avoiding the Korean, Chinese, Mongolian and Kazakh airspace to the maximum, until it reached Ataturk Airport in Istanbul. In order to avoid suspicion, the plane was replaced there as a branch was transferred to another plane of the Turkish company and took off 45 minutes after the arrival of the first and transferred to Beirut airport, without escorting Taylor Ghosn from Istanbul to Beirut.

Turkish media said that the box where it was believed that Ghosn was hidden was found inside the plane.


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