The arrival of Face ID on Mac is confirmed

Elements referring to Face ID have been spotted in the code of the new Mac OS.

Last June, Apple unveiled the new version of the Mac operating system; macOS Big Sur. A major update which should be deployed at the start of the next school year, but in the meantime, the new OS delivers its secrets to developers who have access to the beta version. This is how elements referring to the TrueDepth camera on Mac were identified.

The introduction of this camera would indicate that the new Macs would be compatible with the facial recognition system developed by Apple, Face ID. The rumor has been running for several months or even years and this new element discovered by 9to5Mac only once again confirms the upcoming arrival of Face ID on Macs.

For now to secure and unlock a Mac, the user must type a password, use their Apple Watch or scan their fingerprint on models with Touch ID, Apple’s fingerprint recognition technology. The fact that the beta of macOS Big Sur refers to TrueDepth is therefore promising and indeed indicates that the next Macs could be compatible with facial recognition. Especially since the code of the OS made includes terms such as “FaceDetect” or “BioCapture” which indeed seem to indicate that the OS will be compatible with biometric facial recognition.

If Face ID is making its appearance on Mac, users will be able to use it to unlock their computer, but also to identify themselves on sites thanks to the new version of Safari which allows Internet users to use facial or digital recognition for s ” authenticate on certain sites rather than using traditional usernames and passwords.

It remains to be seen if Face ID will indeed be integrated into the next Macs. If so, the question of when these Face ID compatible Macs will be unveiled remains. It will certainly take a little more patience.

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