You were hoping for the arrival one day of the Xbox Game Pass service on your Nintendo Switch? It will obviously be necessary to mourn this possibility, hinted at the words of the big boss of Xbox, Phil Spencer, during a recent interview.

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In the past, the latter had mentioned on a few occasions that the service, which gives access to a hundred different games, could possibly end up on consoles other than those of Microsoft, at least in the long term.

However, it seems that Spencer has changed his mind, as indicated in a video interview with the website. GameStar, relayed Tuesday by Eurogamer, while he questioned the relevance of such a maneuver.

“The thing with other game consoles is that we are not able to bring a full Xbox experience to these platforms,” ​​said the manager, noting that players expected to have access for example to the community Xbox Live and Xbox “Achievements” (trophies) when playing a US Company title.

“The other platforms [qui nous font compétition] aren’t really interested in delivering the full Xbox experience on their hardware. But, on our side, we want to be where the players want to be and this is the path we are following, ”he stressed.

Obviously, we weren’t expecting Xbox Game Pass, or any other Microsoft service, to land on a PlayStation. On the other hand, the idea of ​​an alliance with Nintendo did not seem too preposterous just a few months ago, especially with the release on the Switch of Cuphead and Ori and the Blind Forest.

However, it must be admitted that with these new statements from Phil Spencer, the arrival of Xbox Game Pass on a Nintendo console is much less likely …

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