Sharjah (WAM)
Within the activities of the 21st edition of the Sharjah International Narrator Forum, the Sharjah Institute for Heritage organized a proactive workshop entitled “The Art of Gilding”, presented by the Iraqi calligrapher Musab Shamil Al Douri at the Center for International Organizations for Cultural Heritage.
The workshop aimed to teach participants how to gild the Qur’an and artistic paintings, how to write Arabic letters in gold, and the development of the use of calligraphy tools, targeting the age group 12 years and above.
Aisha Al-Hussan Al Shamsi, Director of the Arab Heritage Center of the Sharjah Institute for Heritage, general coordinator of the Sharjah International Narrator 21 Forum, said that the proactive workshop program is one of the important and distinctive programs that precede and pave the way for the Sharjah International Narrator Forum. Through it, participants get valuable information in an interactive scene between lecturers, workshop presenters and participants of different age groups.
For his part, the presenter of the workshop, Musab Shamil Al-Douri, said that the event dealt with the art of gilding in the Qur’an, and how to use gold and types of gold, as well as touching on decorative vocabulary, drawing and re-coloring it, and introducing the process of maintaining manuscripts that go back to the beginning of writing the Qur’an, with materials used such as special adhesive tapes, agate Gum arabic, starch, and the special liquid used to combine the damaged papers and how to prepare and prepare them for gilding using 12.18.21 caliber.
Next Sunday, the Institute will organize another workshop on “The Art of Gilding” in the city of Khorfakkan, in the presence of Khaled Al-Shehhi, director of the Institute’s branch in Khorfakkan, at the headquarters of the “Resistance Monument,” during which he will address the same topics about the method of gilding the Qur’an and paintings, how to write Arabic letters in gold, and the development of the use of special tools. by line.
The proactive workshops of the 21st edition of the Sharjah International Narrator’s Forum will continue for 15 days, and are distributed to all branches of the institute and its headquarters.