The artist, Mohamed Mamdouh, lost 16 kilos in two weeks.. What is the secret?

Notice my many followers and fans Artist Mohamed MamdouhHe lost weight clearly during the recent period, which made many of them wonder about the secret behind his rapid weight loss, especially since some news had spread about him, about the directors not accepting and nominating him, but the artist Mohamed Mamdouh confirmed that he made the decision to lose weight for reasons Only healthy.

The secret of losing the weight of the artist, Mohamed Mamdouh, is 16 kilos

Some believed that the artist, Mohamed Mamdouh, took the decision to lose weight after many directors rejected him, but he stressed that his decision to lose weight came for health reasons, and he also announced in many media statements that the secret behind losing weight during a record time came because he followed a diet. Water, which helped him lose 16 kilos of excess weight in just two weeks.

And the “theifeco” website confirmed that the artist, Mohamed Mamdouh’s dependence on the water diet in losing weight, helped him lose a lot of his extra weight in a record time. This type of diet depends on consuming water under the supervision of a doctor for a period ranging from one to three days. It is possible to repeat this period, but as directed by the doctor.

Water diet

And after the end of the water diet that helped the artist Mohamed Mamdouh lose weight so quickly, the person who followed him must be very careful in choosing the types of food that he will eat, and this is what makes many doctors recommend eating only fruits, especially apples.

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2023-05-25 06:06:29

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