The artist Samia Amin has passed away at the age of 75

01:14 PM

Sunday 02 August 2020

Cairo – Masrawy:

Samia Amin, the wife of the artist Mustafa Al-Demerdash, and the mother of the artist Ahmed Al-Demerdash, passed away at the age of 75 today.
Dr. Ashraf Zaki, head of the acting professions, confirmed the death.
In exclusive statements to Masrawy, he said: “The artist Samia Amin left this morning, we wish her forgiveness.
And Ahmed Al Demerdash announced through his account on the social networking site Facebook, the death of his mother, saying: “We belong to God and to Him we shall return. My dear mother passed away to the mercy of God, please pray for her.”
The artist Samia Amin presented a large number of distinguished works, including the story of yesterday, the presence of the accused, Abi, Masrawy, shame, the stray light, Zizinia, Omar bin Abdulaziz, there is no god but God.


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