The Assembly votes the "Cohesion of Territories" budget, lively debates on the APL


The National Assembly gave the go-ahead Friday night to the 2019 budget for the cohesion of the territories, down by 1.16 billion euros, with lively debates on the credits allocated for personalized housing aid.

The decrease in these loans is mainly due to the new method of calculating PLAs. The government decided to base the amount of PLA on the beneficiaries' current income and no longer on the income registered two years earlier, as it is today.

If this reform does not officially have any budgetary targets, it should allow Bercy to save one billion euros; the 2019 revenue could potentially be higher than those observed two years earlier.

"Everyone thinks that the current system was aberrant (…) Suppose you are a woman with two children Two years ago, you worked full-time, now part-time: you do not have the right to the amount of PLA a you should be entitled to, "said housing minister Julien Denormandie, spotted by oppositions.

Guy Bricout (UDI-Agir) tried unsuccessfully to review the five-euro drop in housing subsidies, which hit 6.5 million beneficiaries without distinction from October 1, 2017. "Rather than protecting the most poor and most fragile, the state relied on them to save money, "he said.

The special rapporteur of the financial committee François Jolivet (LREM) has denounced an "extremely political" proposal, reproaching the elected electoral center of wanting to "redo the match".

Stéphane Peu has judged "disastrous" the government reform that "will cause a disaster in the production of housing".

Jean-Louis Bricout (PS) has asked in vain to "increase the appropriations earmarked for housing assistance of 102 million euro so that they follow the real inflation level which amounts to 2.3% in the period" while the government has chosen a revaluation of only 0.3%.

The elected socialist official and other deputies, both of the majority and of the right, have also unsuccessfully asked for the full restoration of the accession APL, which was abolished in the new budget for the year 2018. This helps to reduce the amount of his rent or monthly loan payments at the time of accession.


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