The association awarded by Delgado charges against the Supreme Court for annulling its most controversial appointment: "Subtracts powers from the attorney general"

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The Progressive Union of Prosecutors (UPF) has released a statement vehemently criticizing the Supreme Court for having annulled the most controversial appointment carried out by the former State Attorney General Dolores Delgado. This is the appointment of the Prosecutor of the Juvenile Coordinating Chamber, Eduardo Esteban, disallowed on two occasions by the High Court. “The court assumes, in a kind of substitution, the decision-making body, with interference in the position of the Attorney General of the State, which it removes from its legitimate powers to evaluate and choose between the two candidates, both with merits of a different nature.” , the progressive prosecutors maintain in a note.

In the document sent this Monday to the members of the Fiscal Service, the UPF accuses the Contentious-Administrative Chamber of the TS of creating “legal uncertainty” and “deviating from the jurisprudence and criteria maintained by said court to date, without offering a single argument or reasoning that justifies it” when annulling Esteban’s appointment for the second time last July.

Likewise, from the group, to which Delgado and the current State Attorney General belonged for years, Alvaro Garcia Ortizaffirm that behind the rulings of the High Court “sadly” there is revealed “a certain lack of knowledge about the functioning of the State Attorney General’s Office.”

The UPF, an association awarded after the appointment policy carried out by the former Minister of Justice of Pedro Sánchez with several positions in the Board of Court Prosecutors (the considered general office of the Prosecutor’s Office), states that “the Third Chamber of the Supreme Court, with these resolutions, weakens the autonomy of the Prosecutor’s Office by imposing its own criteria on the merits that it considers more or less valuable for the performance of the position.”

THE WORLD reported this Monday that Esteban has filed an incident of annulment of proceedings before the Supreme Court with the intention of going for protection before the Constitutional Court. The sentences of the TS have not yet been executed, although that does not mean that the Prosecutor’s Career has ceased to live with astonishment, and also stupefaction, that the aforementioned prosecutor granted an interview days ago to The country as “Coordinating Court Prosecutor for Minors”. “It is a shame that with the annulled appointment he is still in the office and attending the opening of the Judicial Year as a Chamber prosecutor. The sentence is final,” add tax sources.

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