The Audi AI: ME wants to appeal to pedestrians with light signals


Humanity is moving to cities worldwide. In many countries, the area will be empty, the cities will grow into gigantic conglomerates. But what role will the car play? Are there only electric cars in 15 years? Do you drive only fully autonomously and do without a steering wheel? Audi wants to give an answer to these questions with the study AI: ME shown in China.

Visually, the fold falls at shoulder height in the view. The three side windows are split in the middle. Only the lower segment can be opened. In addition to the task as an eye-catcher, the kink windows have a practical function. They also ensure a comfortable shoulder room, considering the small size of the car. Inside, as with many future studies, it is decidedly homely. If you no longer have to drive yourself, the stay must be particularly attractive – because the joy of driving pleasure will then no longer exist. The interiors transform into a lounge zone.

More lounge than driving pleasure

In front there are two comfortable individual seats and under the flat windshield is a screen tape, which can be operated by eye contact. The control surfaces in the dashboard are conceivably small, they are usually not needed. On request, however, drives out a steering wheel, so that the driver can occasionally grab even to the handlebars. The concept study is considered autonomous after level four. That means that she can mostly act on the road, but not always on her own. If the computer takes over, the pedals disappear – then the driver is allowed to stretch his feet on a kind of stool. In the back there is a loungy bench for two people. Typical for trade fair vehicles are the counter-opening doors, which allow a wonderful view of the interior. For the presence at the booth even real tendrils were planted in the dashboard.

The electric motor provides 170 hp, the battery pack of 65 kWh sits in the subsoil. Thought is the AI: ME for the city center. Top speeds and extreme range do not matter. To the outside, Audi drives a lot of bling-bling, and additional light modules above the headlights are supposed to communicate with pedestrians or cyclists. It remains unclear how the car should process the pedestrian signals so that the communication does not become too one-sided.


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