The Australian castaway rescued after three months adrift: "I was very hungry, I thought I would not survive"

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Australian castaway Timothy Shaddock, 54, was located on sunday by a company tuna vessel Grupomar, while adrift on his disabled catamaran. She was found together with her dog and they both survived on raw fish and rainwater.

The ship’s company said in a statement released Monday that the Australian “it was more than 1,200 miles from earth” when it was found.

“I am grateful, I am alive (…). I just want to take it easy,” Shaddock told the press after getting off the ship in the port of Manzanillo (west). “To the captain and the company who saved my life, what can I say? I am very grateful”.

Shaddock emerged from the boat with a full beard and wearing a cap from the tuna company that salvaged him.

The navigator explained that the days he spent at sea were difficult, since he was also at the mercy of a storm. “In terms of health, it was complicated for a while, I was very hungry, I thought I wouldn’t survive the stormbut now I am very well”, he said when detailing that now he is very thin.

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