The Australian model could avoid the US prison beyond the attack on the Melbourne-LA flight


Competitor Adau Mornyang at the Victorian finals for 2017 Miss World Australia.

Competitor Adau Mornyang at the Victorian finals for 2017 Miss World Australia.Credit:AAP

"While the government is sympathetic to the tragic and sad past of the accused, the unprovoked physical attack of a defendant flight attendant and the potential dangerous consequences of that action justify a deadline of detention, "prosecutors wrote in a preliminary trial at the court.

A Los Angeles jury in March found Mornyang guilty of a criminal charge of interference with a member of the flight crew and a count of a crime of aggression.

The court heard Mornyang, a 25-year-old from Melbourne, who ordered "several glasses of wine" on the United Airlines flight on January 21st.

She was cut off from drinking more, screamed obscenities and racial insults, hit a flight stewardess, had to be handcuffed by a marshal of the air, refused to leave a bathroom and had to be restrained on the back of the plane.

The flight attendant said he was so shocked after being attacked by "not being able to do anything physically but sitting for almost half an hour to process what had happened to him".

Mornyang's position on the sentence was not made public.

His lawyer, Erin Murphy, successfully requested that the pre-sentence deposit be sealed as it included "highly sensitive" details about Mornyang's past.

"I am worried that the publication of these details may unduly invade Ms Mornyang's privacy", he wrote the lawyer.

Prosecutors asked Mornyang to serve a month's prison sentence, followed by three months of home detention and two years of probation.

Adau Mornyang

Adau Mornyang

Mornyang used a racial insult against a black marshal and described a flight attendant as a "stupid white garbage," the magistrates told the judge.

"The defendant's conduct and its potential dangerous consequences should not be minimized," they said.

"Flying, much less flying internationally for over 14 hours, is an unpleasant and miserable experience in tight and crammed spaces.

"The entrepreneur intentionally exacerbated those conditions when he chose to get drunk and lash out at the flight crew and other passengers."

Prosecutors noted that his behavior was so severe, unpredictable and unmanageable that several air police officers were forced out of hiding to hold it, making the plane susceptible if other troubles were on board.

"I'm in plain clothes so that they can keep the element of surprise," prosecutors said.

"When federal air police officers were forced to identify themselves as forces of the order, they lost that tactical advantage and their ability to fight potential bad actors on the plane was compromised."


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