The Australian team that defeated the Germans finishes first in the group

The Australian national team (3/0) finished the group stage in the Olympics and 89:76 (18:22, 26:18, 22:19, 23:17) defeated Germany (1/2).

This means that in Group B, Australia remains first, Italy (2/1) second, Germans third and Nigeria last. True, Germany should make it to the quarterfinals as one of the top two third-place teams.

The Australians started the match 5: 0, but soon the Germans responded with a spurt and led 9: 5. Patty Mills returned the lead to Australia by three points, but Maodo Lo, Johannes Thiemann and Niels Giffey again pushed the Germans away – 18:12. He finally managed to finish the quarter in the lead at 22:18.

The Germans kept ahead, but Mills pinned a three-pointer and Nick Kay narrowed the gap further to 25:26. Mills brought Australia forward from a distance again (33:31), Nathan Sobey added two more points, but Johannes Voigtmann answered – 34:35. The Australians still maintained a steep lead and finished the quarter with 44:40.

The Australian national team increased their lead to a record in this match (50:40), but the sooner they got it, the faster it dissolved. Already halfway through the half, the result was equal again (50:50), although the Germans could not tilt the lead to their side – 55:59. After three halves, Australia led 66:59.

Although Niels Giffey increased the intrigue again (65:69), Joe Ingles hit from a distance, Mills also did, and Australia led 83:72 after Jock Landale scored. In the last two minutes, Australia only increased their lead (89:76) and eventually won the match.

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Australia: Patty Millsas 24 (6 rez. perd., 5/15 trit.), Jockas Landale’as 18 (22 n.b.), Nickas Kay’us 16, Dante Exumas 8, Joe Inglesas 6, Duopas Reathas, Nathanas Sobey ir Matisse’as Thybulle’as – po 4.

Germany: Andreasas Obstas 17 (5/12 trit.), Johannesas Thiemannas (9 atk. Kam.) Ir Nielsas Giffey – po 11, Johannesas Voigtmannas (13 atk. Kam., 18 nb) ir Joshiko Saibou – po 7.


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