The author of the HiT textbook on metal music: Megadeath a band of “junk type of metal”

Prof. Wojciech Roszkowski, author of the book “Historia i Teraźłość. A textbook for high schools and technicians “, has an interesting knowledge of metal music …

It must be admitted that the Internet in recent days is mainly alive with what has managed to be placed in the publishing position “History and the Present. A textbook for high schools and technicians “. There are many damaging generalizations and half-truths, and everything is watered with a sauce of subjective criticism that similar textbooks should avoid.

What exactly is “History and the Present. A textbook for high schools and technicians “? This is the description of one of the bookstores:

A textbook for the first grades of high schools and technicians for the new subject, History and Present. The author is an outstanding historian prof. Wojciech Roszkowski. The textbook focuses on the years 1945-1979 (Poland and the world) and translates many of the concepts previously contained in the subject of Knowledge about Society.

In one of the previous books by the mentioned author – “The Shattered Mirror – The Fall of Western Civilization” – there is an excerpt about metal music. The team immediately catches the eye „Megadeath” and its classification as representative of “junk metal”. See for yourself:

The fragment of Fr. Nick Cavie:

It seems that similar flowers from Prof. Roszkowski, there will be more in the near future …

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