The authors of the horror Man of Medan have told to create the atmosphere of the phantom ship: the online gambling game


Developers from Supermassive Games shared a new roll of the next horror anthology Dark images and his first episode – Middle-aged man. Its action takes place on an old and dilapidated ship, on which, among horrors and dangers, a group of young people will have to survive.

In the new video, the project's authors talk about creating the atmosphere of the game. In the Man of Medan, the ghost ship periodically changes its "attitude" towards the player, or is threatening or neutral. However, it is always moving silently, swaying on the waves and somehow reacting to events occurring outside. This must be heard by the players.

The heroes who roam the ship, and with them the players, will have to feel out of place, waiting for dangers in every turn. The ship will resemble a sort of secret: rough, dark, full of sounds, fog and smoke. In general, as in Until dawn, there will be many features of the horror movies.

In addition, the project's authors tried to exploit the ship's internal environment: there are many unusual rooms and, for example, narrow, long corridors. But the developers tried to find the necessary (sometimes unexpected) angles to shoot the scenes with the necessary tension.

The release of Man of Medan will be held in 2019 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.


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