the automatic discount on water, electricity and gas bills starts from 1 July 2021

June 21, 2021 7:27 am

Finally we leave. The social bonus will start from 1 July to obtain an automatic discount on electricity, gas and water bills. The benefit is for families in a state of economic hardship, with Isee not exceeding 8,265 euros. The bonus on bills actually already exists, but from this year it will be enough to fill in the Single Substitute Declaration, for the purposes of the ISEE, to obtain the expected reduction on the expenditure incurred for the supply of electricity, natural gas and water. The mechanism should have started on January 1, 2021, but then slipped following the findings made by the Privacy Guarantor.

The automatism will make it possible to guarantee concessions to all eligible families (it is estimated that there are about 2.6 million) and to overcome the old bonus on request mechanism, which over the years had in fact limited the discounts to only one third of the potential beneficiaries. For the electrical bonus linked to physical discomfort, i.e. the reduction for those people who are in serious health conditions and who use life-saving electro-medical equipment, the request must continue to be submitted to the authorized Municipalities or Cafs.

Social bonus on water, electricity and gas bills: requirements and amounts

Nothing changes regarding the requirements: the social bonus is up to families with Isee up to 8,265 euros or with at least 4 dependent children and with an Isee indicator not exceeding 20 thousand euros. In addition, the beneficiaries also include families with cases of serious illness in which they are forced to resort to electromedical equipment essential for keeping them alive. Even those who receive citizenship income are entitled to the bonus for electricity and gas bills even if the income exceeds the threshold of 8,265 euros, while for the discount on the water one the beneficiary must have Isee less than 8,265 euros.

The bonus value it depends on the number of members of the registry family and is updated annually by the Authority. For the year 2020 these are the values:

  • Family size 1-2 members: 128 €
  • Family size 3-4 members: 151 €
  • Family size over 4 members: € 177
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The amount of the bonus is discounted directly on the electricity bill, not in a single payment, but divided into the bills of the 12 months following the disbursement of the benefit.

Until last year, in order to receive bonuses for economic hardship, it was necessary to apply to the Municipality of residence or to the Caf, attaching the required documentation. From 1 July the mechanism will instead become automatic, provided however that the Single Substitute Declaration is completed.


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