The autonomy of the Mercedes EQS is not worth that of the Americans

Dim 10/10/2021   — But it is not all.

Autonomy is the sinews of war for electric cars. These cars have long been handicapped by a low autonomy which limited their use, and if this is no longer the case today, autonomy remains a determining criterion. Mercedes, moreover, had put this point forward during the launch of its flagship EQS. Now available in the United States, its range has been officially measured by the administration (EPA), and it comes out at 563 km for the EQS 450+, and 547 km for the EQS 580. In absolute terms, these values ​​are excellent. A real range of over 500 km is absolutely formidable. But the tragedy is that the best Tesla has an official range of 651 km, while the new Lucid Air has an incredible range of 836 km.

Some will say that the Mercedes has many other arguments, and they will be right. Some others will say that Tesla’s cars are optimized for the EPA’s testing methodology, and it is possible, but the fact remains that perhaps for the first time in its history, Mercedes is significantly left behind when it comes to performance. ‘one of his cars. Hopefully for the star this is an exception.

What would you choose between a Mercedes EQS and the American electrics?

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