The Autumn Fair in Madrid will see the light this Thursday, August 10 with these posters

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The Autumn Fair in Madrid will see the light of day this Thursday, August 10, after passing the procedure of the Center for Bullfighting Affairs of the Community of Madrid. I had wanted to try one of these SEO-type neojournalism headlines for a long time that generate punctures with the mystery of him. Like “he knows what the Autumn posters are”, “these posters” or “this was the murder of Daniel Sancho”. Hopefully the day will come when I can headline a chronicle “This is how Morante fought in Seville”, and here peace and later glory.

The work of the Autumn posters has been advanced by with the “unofficial” tag, but they can be considered official in the absence of the Plaza 1 letterhead. Or let’s say “almost official” to respect the times. It is a very well braided fair, thought out, weighty and attractive to forget the hot flashes of summer. On September 30, El Juli will say goodbye to the Madrid fans, as this newspaper has already announced, on October 12 Morante will take the paseíllo -a date that Plaza 1 has made important in recent years- and Juan Ortega -the absentee who It should not have been in San Isidro- with Pablo Aguado, not hand in hand as was initially leaked, but headed by Daniel Luque.

Sebastián Castella returns as the winner of San Isidro and finds his reward Paco Ureña after his absolute dedication on the day of the Press Bullfight.

Roca Rey will not appear at the end of its season at the San Miguel fair in Seville, which overlaps with the first weekend of Autumn.

These are the posters, according to Mundotoro:

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