The average selling price of NIO’s 100,000th vehicle off the assembly line rushes to the highest of domestically-produced cars-IT and traffic

From the U.S. stock price falling by nearly $1 to the red line of delisting in 2019, to now becoming the leading brand of China’s new car-making forces, the development history of Weilaiyi Road can be said to be a true portrayal of China’s new car-making forces. On April 7, Weilai officially announced that Weilai’s 100,000th production vehicle officially rolled off the production line at the Jianghuai Weilai plant.It took Weilai less than 3 years to complete such a result.

The first Weilai ES8 rolled off the assembly line on May 27, 2018, and by April 7, 2021,Weilai completed the manufacturing of 100,000 smart pure electric vehicles with an average price of 427,500 yuan in 1,046 days, setting the fastest record in the high-end SUV segment at the same price.

In this regard, Li Bin, the founder, CEO and chairman of Weilai Automobile, said, “Compared with fuel vehicles, 100,000 vehicles are only a small number and a very early starting point. We are very happy to usher in the 10th place of Weilai Automobile. With the rollout of 10,000 mass-produced vehicles, we also hope that in the future, the market share will surpass that of fuel vehicles within the same price range.”

In addition, not only the rapid increase in sales, Weilai also created a new level of domestic car prices.As a genuine domestic luxury electric car, the average price of Weilai models exceeds 420,000 yuan, which is also the highest among domestic auto companies.

In addition, in the latest sales data released, Weilai delivered a total of 7,257 units in March 2021, a year-on-year increase of 373.4%. Among them, Weilai ES8 delivered 1,529 units, Weilai ES6 delivered 3152 units, and Weilai EC6 delivered 2,576 units. In the first quarter, a total of 20,060 units were delivered, and the delivery exceeded 20,000 units for the first time in a single season.

Currently, NIO’s first sedan ET7 has been released and has already accepted reservations.Weilai’s models have also been expanded to four models, ES8, ES6, EC6 and ET7.We will wait and see what achievements NIO will achieve in the domestic market in the future.


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