The Bachelor star in Paradise Rachel reveals mental health struggles


The former Bachelor in Paradise star, Rachel Gouvignon, broke out on the producers of the reality TV show, claiming to expect more support after suffering from anxiety and depression that she claims to be the result of the show.

"I struggled every day and was extremely shocked at how much they had changed me, up to my sentences," he told Perth Now.

"So I suffered from anxiety and felt very depressed where I felt betrayed by the publishers and Channel 10.

"With all the latest suicides with reality TV stars, I thought there would be more truth in my character and more support on the show."

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Gouvignon, who competed in the Richie Strahan season of The bachelor, he reunited with him in Fiji hoping to conquer him, but instead he was portrayed as an official quint who has an overbearing and unrequited interest in the bachelor who led her to be unexpectedly rejected during the rose ceremony.

The 34-year-old star revealed in Perth Now that he was still trying to recover after seeing the show.

"It struck me very emotionally and also physically," he said. "My friends and family are just starting to see my spark come back now, but I still have a way to go."

"I'm just working on myself and I'm working to get back to elementary school which is my real passion."

A Channel 10 spokeswoman told Perth Now: "As part of the show's duty of care, all graduates of Paradise cast have full access to mental health professionals."

Gouvignon is not the first TV reality contestant to complain about their appearance on the show. Partner Degree in Paradise the star Bill Goldsmith launched a furious tirade against the producers of the show accusing them of having "fomented his reputation" through their editing.

"Channel Ten and Warner Bros have confessed everything to me for their ratings and literally fomented my reputation," he wrote angrily on his social media. "I'm pretty hurt by the whole thing."

And an ex Married At First Sight the competitor made disturbing statements that "someone is going to die" following his show on channel 9.

Clare Verrall, who appeared on MAFS in 2016, he is about to reveal "the dark side" of the TV show in an interview with Channel 7 Sunday evening this weekend.

In a clip released by Channel 7, Verrall says, "I just wanted a love story and thought it would happen like that. I didn't sign up to have my life completely ripped apart."

Former MAFS star Lauren Huntriss, who collaborated with 29-year-old virgin Matthew Bennett wrote on Instagram, wished she had been contacted to speak Sunday evening episode on the "horrendous show" as "I would have spoken of some truths".

If you or someone you know needs help, contact Lifeline at 13 11 14 or Beyondblue at 1300 224 636

Sunday night airs at 20:30 on Canale 7

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