“The Bachelorette” – episode two – “If I had struck correctly, it would have ended up in the pool.”

Published3. May 2021, 22:31

In the second episode of “The Bachelorette” there is quarreling, dancing and teasing. And there is almost a fight.

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For Bachelorette Dina Rossi (29), the ability to work in a team is important in a relationship. That’s why the first challenge of the second episode is a team challenge. It should be rowed. She is particularly interested in whether the twins Yves and Boris (both 37) can function separately from each other.

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That’s why she puts Yves in a team with Burim (26). Although he is unfamiliar without his brother, Yves welcomes the challenge anyway. In the end, they both lose and have to go back to the villa.

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Metalworker Pablo (22) and tennis instructor Hans (23) emerge from the challenge as winners. According to their own statements, the two not only have muscles, but also heads. Aha.

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  • So now we’re over the mountain with the second episode, “The Bachelorette”.

  • We watched the episode for you so you don’t have to do that.

  • In the text you will find out the hits and misses of this episode, short and sweet.

That was good

Vibes prevail at the cocktail party just like in Zurich clubs: It feels like twenty men for one woman. Boxer Joel can stand out from the crowd by sitting down at the piano and performing his version of “River Flows in You”. When Dina sits down on his lap, he gets a red head and plays himself. Burim, on the other hand, feels a tingling sensation every time he sees Dina. He does not reveal exactly where it tingles.

The big winner of the day is Pablo (22): He has noticed that Dina appreciates attentive types and pulls out all the stops when it comes to single dates. For backing a chair to the table and borrowing a jacket, Dina rewards him with a little cuddling.

Felix (26) can shine during the group date by appreciating his ex-girlfriends and not complaining, like everyone else without exception, of only having bad experiences with women in the past.

That was bad

Trust is important to Cyrill (24) and Dina also wants someone who is always behind her. Yes, shock: Cyrill always puts music first. In any case, he is not so sure that he is ready for something special. He prefers to send his self-made tracks to big labels and wait for an answer – which has not yet come.

Apparently, Dina has chosen a flock of unlucky fellows: With the exception of Felix, all candidates say they have had terrible experiences with their ex-girlfriends. The gentlemen complain of fraud and ambush in their past partnerships not only during group dates, but also in individual conversations.

Despite all the sensitive minds, there is puff in the Villa: Felix and Joel get into each other’s hair. The 19-year-old boxer Joel asks his competitor Felix how the group date was – to which Felix answers with a few slaps on Joel’s cheek. Joel doesn’t take it like that: He steps after Felix when he turns around. “If I had hit the right way, it would have ended up in the pool,” bluffs Joel afterwards.

They are out

Broker Alain (34) is the first to be kicked out; Dina says that he has simply “not come out that much in the last few days”. In addition, the Bachelorette does not want to hurt 33-year-old Cesare, which is why she picks him out early as a precaution. Cristian (22) and Silvio (26) stand in front of Dina in pairs. Both are “really good men.” “That alone is not enough for me,” says the Bachelorette. In the end, both of them are kicked out, probably because of their shy nature.

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