The background of the transfers of Douděra and Ewerton to Slavia. Krasnodar wanted the Brazilian, Boleslav didn’t even negotiate because of the war

The line between Eden and Mlada Boleslaví heated up again in the summer transfer window. In the winter, Slavia reached out to the Central Bohemian club for full-back or midfielder David Jurásk and striker Daniel Fila, in June they brought another full-back David Douděra and midfielder Ewerton from there. “The negotiations with the management of Slavia are always fair,” says David Trunda, one of the highest-ranking men in the Boleslav club.

As in the case of Jurásk and Fila, Trunda, Boleslav president Josef Dufek and coach of Středočechy Pavel Hoftych gave a lot to the players themselves. They chatted with them, found out how they were set up, if they wanted a transfer.

President of FK Mladá Boleslav Josef Dufek (left) and general director of the club David Trunda.Photo: FK Mladá Boleslav

“It was easier with David Douděra. The interest from Slavia was great, we sat down with David and agreed that he would transfer. He had a fantastic season, we felt from him that he wanted to try and move on. He himself said that he was ready to transfer. We also thought that he should move at some other time than after such a great season,” Trunda looks back.

Douděra scored ten goals in the past league season, eight of which he scored in the spring. He also added four assists. The 24-year-old express has carefully considered all the circumstances, already during the spring he described to that a possible transfer must make sense to him and that he will definitely not go anywhere just for a fat salary. The departure of Alexander Bah, therefore also the vacated place in the Slavist cadre, could have made his decision easier.

The sale of Ewerton was more complicated. If only because there was not just one specific offer in the Boleslav offices, as in the case of Douděra. There were four interesting offers for the playful Brazilian. “From Slavia, Sparta, one club from Kuwait and Krasnodar,” calculates Trunda.

However, due to Russia’s military aggression in Ukraine, the management of Boleslav immediately ignored the interest of the local club. “Krasnodar’s offer was great, compared to others, it was incomparable for the player and the club. But due to the fact that there is a war in Ukraine, we refused any negotiations. The Russian club even offered us an increase in the amount, but we still said that we will not act further. We also told Ewerton that,” explains the CEO of Středočech.

Another difference compared to Douděr? The Brazilian’s attitude was changing. “We sat with him several times. He told us three months ago that he wanted to stay. At that moment, we stopped all negotiations. Shortly before the end of the competition, he then told us that he would like to move on. He was aware of the season he played and took it as a turning point for his further development. When he announced this to us, we started meeting people interested in him,” explains Trunda.

Bah didn’t know everything either. What does Douděra have to work on? We solve it in the STRAIGHT program.Video:

Ewerton scored eleven goals in the last league season, assisting six goals. After the end of the training cycle, which the Boleslav players were still undergoing after the last match, he flew to Brazil on vacation, where he also got married. He had time to think and decided for Slavia. “Then everything was directed towards her. After his arrival, we closed the transfer sometime around midnight,” adds the Boleslav official. The clever South American also only had a one-year contract and there was a risk that he would leave for free next summer.

The ambitious Central Bohemians thus lost two key players. “I know the fans don’t like it, but these days are not easy. We are grateful that our partners continue with us, whether it is the city or Škoda Auto, but we have a decrease in income. It is also important to sell some players,” explains Trunda.

The new reinforcement of Slavia is the all-rounder David Douděra.Photo:

Behind the scenes, there is talk that Boleslav is to receive around twenty million crowns from Slavia for Ewerton, around thirteen million for Douděra. “I will not say the amounts, we have agreed with all parties that we will not comment on them. However, the amounts will not come immediately, but will be spread over several parts. Sometimes it’s even a two-year period in four installments,” explains Trunda.

“Furthermore, if anyone follows football in Boleslav, they must see the changes and investments that go into the youth academy. The money goes to technological equipment, to the reconstruction of the gym, to the purchase of equipment for physiotherapy. A lot of new trainers and experts in various fields also came here. The amounts we get from transfers are invested in the most efficient way, especially in the development of the youth academy, where we have a lot of children, and in the transfers of players who come to us,” adds the CEO of the club from the city of automobiles.

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