THE BALL – Adán recalls ‘denial’ to Sporting: «At that time I didn’t have the best conditions» (Sporting)

In his third season at Sporting, Antonio Adán confirmed that, in the past, he had already turned down the possibility of signing for the Alvalade club.

«I had already had the opportunity to come to Portugal and to Sporting, but at the time it seemed to me that the club did not have the best conditions institutionally», he began by saying in an interview to the club’s newspaper, recognizing that, now, everything is different in the lion’s kingdom:

«Currently, there is a project and a coach who created, together with the president, an idea that is making the club grow and the objectives are being fulfilled. Of course, there will be moments of difficulty, as was the case in the first months of this season, but I am sure that Sporting is on the right path to continue to grow.”

Personal expectations ended up not only being fulfilled, but also surpassed: «I managed to win titles and be regular, also giving stability to Sporting’s goal. Also, there aren’t many in history that have achieved the streak of games that I have and that makes me want to add 100 more.”

And the collective titles helped: «The year before I arrived, Sporting had been ranked fourth, had not been in the fight for titles, had not won the championship for 19 years and had not achieved so many goals. Obviously, therefore, my expectations were more than exceeded there too.»

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