THE BALL – RB Bragantino de Caixinha is eliminated and misses the meeting with Abel Ferreira in the Paulistão final (Brazil)

RB Bragantino, owned by Pedro Caixinha, failed to qualify for the final of the São Paulo championship, where Palmeiras already was. The club lost on penalties to Água Santa, the surprise team of this championship, which will be in the final for the first time.

Água Santa won on penalties by 4-2, after a 1-1 draw in 90 minutes: Alerrandro scored for Bragantino in the 9th minute, but Lucas Tocantins would tie for Água Santa in the 51st minute, taking advantage of an error by goalkeeper Cleiton. On penalties, Junino Capixaba and Sorriso failed for Caixinha’s team, Bruno Mezenga failed to open for Água, but Junior Todinho scored the final 4-2.

As already mentioned, in the two-legged final, Água Santa will face Palmeiras, who eliminated Ituano in the semi-final. There are still no dates, but Água Santa plays the first game at home.

Last week, RB Bragantino had already been eliminated from the Cup by Ypiranga, with Pedro Caixinha talking about the worst game since he arrived. Now it has also left criticism.

«It was the second half of the game against Ypiranga. The team did not have the right attitude in the way of facing the match. Defeat is not about placements. This is not our image. We have to start charging more. This is going to be my job now. Create a different mindset in terms of what it means to be competitive. Ypiranga was more competitive and won. Água Santa was more competitive and won», summarized the Portuguese coach, who left a word of encouragement to goalkeeper Cleiton:

“Mistakes are part of life. We have to continue to support. We can’t help but have a competitive attitude. We have to support players when they make mistakes. We want them to take risks, we have to support them. It was a bad decision, yes, but we will continue to support him.”

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