THE BALL – Third goal against Trofense originated in the training laboratory (SC Braga)

League Cup games normally provide the use of alternative versions and SC Braga aligned in that spirit of new opportunities that characterizes the competition, closing the match with Trofense with a large contingent of players from the formation.

Goalkeeper Tiago Sá, who has not known any other club in his sporting career other than SC Braga, obviously led the embassy of the little warriors when they entered the League Cup, but in the final phase of the match the strong representativeness from the academy was highly visible and the meeting with Trofense ended in an emblematic way.

The last goal of the warriors, in fact, clearly strengthened the formation of the club and Hernâni scored the 3-0 following a perfect match between Rodrigo Gomes and Álvaro Djaló. The striker’s first goal for the first team, therefore, brought together three figures from the academy who had been called up for the game shortly before.

The final part of the game against Trofense revealed yet another important feature, with SC Braga represented on the field by a unique team that has not yet been used this season.

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