THE BALL – «We cannot get too excited about the result» (Futsal)

At the end of the match with Ukraine, which registered an expressive triumph for the women’s team, by 6-0, in the last preparation game before Euro’2022, the national coach Luís Conceição praised the behavior of his athletes, leaving, however, an important alert.

“It’s always important to win, but more than talking about the result, it’s important to emphasize how we got the goals. We had good moments of collective organization in more offensive terms. We managed to score goals, we were defining the schemes according to the way Ukraine was behaving defensively. We also had very good moments defensively, in which we were able to press high, in which we were able to condition and steal balls in our front row, and goals came from there. We knew they were going to give us the initiative to play the ball and build it. When they won the ball and left in the transition, it was important to condition and things went well. The important thing was to compete with a good team, but they are better than what they were today. It’s not easy, after all this situation, to get together after some time stopped and start working again. We are satisfied, but from now on we can pick up different contexts. We can’t get too excited about the result», analyzed the coach.

As for the fact that Ana Azevedo has hit a hundred games of Quinas to the chest, Luís Conceição declared: «We have to congratulate Ana Azevedo. This brand makes us very satisfied because Ana deserves a lot. For the person she is, for the player she is and for what she has done for women’s futsal. We hope that she manages to make even more caps, it would be a sign that she is playing and that she will help us. The years go by, but we don’t find anyone running faster than her. As long as that’s the case, we think she’s in a position to stay here. Nobody gets ahead of you, so age doesn’t count, competence does. She is fantastic.”

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