Entertainment The band-keyboard player Annelies Kuijsters not at the concert...

The band-keyboard player Annelies Kuijsters not at the concert in the Maritime museum NOW

Annelies Kuijsters you will not be able to join the livestreamconcert that the Band on the 20th of June, in the Scheepvaartmuseum (maritime museum). The keyboard player, due to her medical background in dealing with its energy, says they have a Friday on Instagram.

“As some of you may know me, because of my medical history, be extra careful with my energy. Now, in this coronatijd,” according to Kuijsters, which, in 2014, was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer. “For me, it’s now, unfortunately, it is not possible to do so at the livestreamconcert the band’s June 20, it will display it in the Museum.”

The keyboard player makes the decision not to like it, but the “sorry no change”. Stephanie Struijk will have to Kuijsters, the face detect on the belt, that is, in 2019, after a decade, a comeback was made.

Krezip singer Jacqueline Govaert light The night that Kuijsters recover from the lymphoma. During the creation of the livestreamconcert showed Govaert, however, is that the keyboard player was missing, the energy for the action to do so.



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