The Banker Looks Like a Reptile Man, This is a Modified Body Part

PEOPLE now no longer knows what it really looks like banker from Los Angeles, United States (USA), because she changed her appearance to reptile man.

In fact, now the name has also changed. Before becoming the reptile man he is today, his name was Richard Hernandez.

However, after becoming a reptile human, he changed his name to Tiamat Legion Medusa.

His appearance has also changed greatly. Six teeth were extracted. The whites of both eyes are changed to permanent green. Then the shape of the tongue is changed like a snake fork. He has legally changed the name and says he wants to be an inspiration to non-binary individuals.

“I am in a genderless process. My main preference is to just be called ‘it [kata ganti dalam bahasa Inggris]’, like my own kind, snake,’ he said.

“It is my goal and mission to break the gender binary and to inspire others out there to embrace being non-binary by sharing my story about being genderless.”

Tiamat hopes the full transformation will be completed by 2025 and will get seven new horns as well as a penectomy – the complete removal of the penis. “I’m not done yet, I’m going to get more horns and continue to break my own record as one of the most modified humans in the world,” he explained as quoted by The Sun on Tuesday (21/6/2022).

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