The Barbados Agreement does not contemplate Machado challenging Maduro for the presidency in 2024

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Déjà vu on the Caribbean island of Barbados. The government of Nicolas Maduro and the opposition Unitary Platform signed a partial agreement on electoral guarantees this Tuesday, which improves the conditions very relatively for next year’s presidential elections. At the moment, what has been signed does not guarantee the participation of the conservative María Corina Machado, virtual winner of the primary elections that will be held next Sunday in Venezuela.

“Significant progress” and “important step,” the diplomat optimistically summarized Day Nylander, representative of Norway, a country that acts as facilitator of the negotiations, which also has Russia and the Netherlands as facilitators. And all this under the umbrella of the United States, in charge for months of agreeing with Maduro’s envoys on the different points signed yesterday.

The great blocking stone of the agreement was, and will continue to bethe unconstitutional and illegal disqualification of Machado, forced by the Miraflores Palace a few weeks ago in the face of the unstoppable advance of the leader Vente Venezuela. Machado, who has the support of Voluntad Popular and former political prisoner Leopoldo López, leads his opposition rivals by more than 60 points. One of the first consequences of the agreement is the revolutionary approval for the opposition to hold its primaries next Sunday.

“The agreement includes a route for the disqualified and the political parties to quickly recover their rights,” responded the Unitary Platform, which does not consider the case of the disqualifications closed.

Today’s polls also show that Machado would sweep the “son of Chávez” in the presidential elections by more than 40 pointswhich directly clashes with the presidential aspirations of Maduro, who has already made known to the foreign ministries of the continent and Europe that He will not move from his throne in the Miraflores Palace until at least 2030.

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