Main entrance of Hospital Donostia, in San Sebastián.Javier Hernandez

The Basque Health Service-Osakidetza has recognized that the death of a baby and the serious consequences suffered by another were caused by a medical error at the Donostia hospital in San Sebastián. In a report given to the families of the two newborns, he admits a “pharmacological incidence” by supplying a powerful anesthetic for two days instead of the corresponding nutritional serum, which could have caused one to die last January and the another survived but with physical consequences. The Patient Ombudsman has requested this Monday to the Superior Prosecutor of the Basque Country to investigate ex officio whether there was a Medical negligence in this case.

Ane and Yara, who were born at the end of last year weighing 600 and 800 grams, respectively, began to experience a deterioration as of January 2 of this year coinciding with the administration of the powerful anesthetic drug. The first died on January 8, three days after the failure of the medication they had been given was discovered. The second suffers physical sequelae and needs a permanent tube with oxygen.

Osakidetza assures in his report that there was a failure in the administration of the medication to these two babies and assumes the responsibilities derived from this medical action, as the lawyer for the two families explained to this newspaper. The lawyer affirms that there could be a third baby affected by this same pharmacological practice on the same dates, although “it has not yet emerged” and is under investigation.

The president of the Patient Ombudsman, Carmen Flores, has sent a letter to the superior prosecutor of the Basque Country, Carmen Adán, to initiate an investigation of this case “to find out the reasons for this outrage and if there have been more babies than The same cause has been affected ”, he assures in the letter sent to the Public Ministry. “We do not understand a mistake of this magnitude. It is something unforgivable, especially in the case of two babies, with whom you have to have scrupulous medical care, ”Flores assured.

The Patient Ombudsman assures in his letter that he does not know if “the medical prescription was wrong or it was the infirmary that made the mistake”, and qualifies as “unforgivable” that the ruling has “made possible the death of a baby” and caused “Serious sequelae” to another. The lawyer for the families has presented a claim to Osakidetza in which he speaks of an “unjustifiable error” and demands a series of financial compensation.

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