The most ardent fans of the comic book world hadn’t needed something so seemingly explicit to connect the dots, but without a doubt the last leaked images that come to us from the filming of ‘The Batman‘have become a pretty solid proof that your suspicions are on the right track. We talk about the theory that is gaining more force around the source of inspiration to which he would have resorted Matt Reeves to develop this new film about the masked vigilante, who in this case gives life Robert pattinson.

With recent photos starring Zoë Kravitz in the skin of Catwoman, Colin Farrell as Penguin and John Turturro embodying Falcone, many followers pointed in the same direction, but seeing Superman and Wonder Woman dancing around the movie set, the assumption seems undeniable. We talk about the belief of many fans who claim that Reeves would have been based on ‘The Long Halloween’, a limited series of Batman comics heavily influenced by film noir. Seeing the aforementioned images of what would be the funeral of the recently deceased mayor Don Mitchell, the style pointed in that direction, and now with Superman and Wonder Woman as part of the shoot it can be assumed that the costumes will be present. Thus the argument could include Festivo, a villain from the aforementioned series who would act on the specified dates, including Halloween.

It is not only the presence of these two team members who look like superheroes from the DC Extended UniverseInstead, the photos from the beginning of production pointed to a Halloween setting with accessories for this holiday. Also, if you look at the pictures of the supposed funeral You can see three scratch marks on the face of the crime boss, Falcone, the same scars that he wears in ‘The Long Halloween’.

In this story, set shortly after the events of ‘Batman: Year One,’ a younger Batman unravels the mystery surrounding a serial killer as he deals with the Gotham mob and a mob in disguise. Catwoman and Falcone play a pivotal role in ‘The Long Halloween’, with Riddler (Paul Dano) and Penguin as secondary.

* While ‘The Batman’ is definitely a new proposal in itself, it is becoming clear every day that Matt Reeves has been inspired by The Long Halloween. An atmospheric crime drama awaits us friends.

* These photos from the set give me a very Halloween vibe. As a fan of batman, I’m excited about this movie, let’s go #TheBatman!

* Judging from their appearance, they look like Halloween costumes, which probably indicates that #TheBatman is set around that time and heavily inspired by ‘The Long Halloween’. [Entonces Wonder Woman también existe en el Batverse de alguna forma u otra].

What did Reeves say?

Reeves has named ‘The Long Halloween’ and its sequel, ‘Dark Victory’, as two of his favorite Batman stories., but has denied that ‘The Batman’ is an adaptation of any comic. “We are not doing any [cómic] in particular. ‘Batman: Year One’ is one of the many comics that I love, but we are definitely not doing the first year. “, says this filmmaker while adding that his original story is driven by film noir. “I dove deep again going through all my favorite comics. It was about finding a way to do this as something that to me. it’s definitely going to be Batman and cool new.


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