The Beatles video appeared on the Web in Back in the USSR with a bear

Balsam on the millions of Beatles' hearts: on the YouTube account of the legendary four, another new group video appeared – on the song Back in the U.S.S.R. With inscriptions in Russian and video clips, demonstrating the scientific and cultural activities of the Land of Soviets. And even more distracted moments.

Clip premiere, as well as Glass onion, in time for the anniversary – the fiftieth anniversary! – from the release of the tenth studio album, known as White Album. The release of "White Album" was held on 22 November 1968,

Back in the United States, "Again in the USSR", one of the songs of the fiercest Beatles, opens the record. His paternity is entirely on Paul's conscience, although John is officially considered a co-author. The title is a parodic reference to the song by Chuck Berry Back in the United States.

White Album is included in almost all the major series of the best known and known albums, and is recognized by the American Association of Record Companies as the bestseller of The Beatles. At the same time, according to the researchers, it is the most controversial and controversial work of the group.

This, in general, is logical, taking into account the unhealthy situation of the quarrels and emphasizes that the album was created. Fuel for the constantly poured fire protrudes into the studio Yoko Ono – according to the memoirs.


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