The Beginning of a Baby Lost in Pati until Found Killed by Father


One person the missing baby in Pati finally found in the river. However, the baby’s condition was lifeless. After being traced, it turns out that the baby was thrown away and killed by his own father.

So, what is the chronology of events? What is the father’s motive for killing his son? Here’s more information.

Reported detikJateng, the incident occurred on Monday (1/5/2023). The victim named Mazaya Keyra El Naura is the second child of the couple Mohammad Sholeh Ika Saputra and Dinda Putri Fitriani, residents of Dukuh Kauman RT 4 RW 1 Pati Kidul.



Based on initial confessions, the father put his 1.5-year-old sister to sleep and left Naura alone at home. The mother is also trading in the market. When they returned, Naura was not home.

The father had admitted that he did not know where Naura was. He said Naura disappeared when he returned home after putting his first child to sleep by going around on a motorbike.

The missing baby in Pati was apparently killed by his own father and his body was put in the trunk of a motorbike. After being killed, the bodies of the victims were thrown into the river. (Photo: Dian Utoro Aji/ detikJateng)

Naura Found Dead in the River

The police investigate the case of Naura’s disappearance. After being traced, the three-month-old baby was found dead in a river in Wangunrejo Village, Margorejo District. The baby’s body was found lying among the trash.

“The baby was reported missing,” Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Pati Police, Commissioner Onkoseno G Sukahar told reporters at the location, Tuesday (2/5/2023) evening.

Naura turns out to be abandoned and killed by her father

Mohammad Sholeh Ika Saputra (20), the father of baby Naura lied about his missing son. As it turns out, he is the main culprit behind Naura’s disappearance.

Baby Naura was killed by his father by smothering him. After being killed, Naura’s body was put in the trunk of the motorbike, then thrown into the river.

“I feel disgusted, emotional because the two children are fussy I am confused, I think that if you are smothered you will die,” Sholeh told reporters when presented at the Pati Police, Wednesday (3/5/2023).

Sholeh admitted that after smothering his child, he then looked for a plastic bag. The plastic was used by Sholeh to wrap his three month old son and then put it in the trunk of the motorcycle.

“I took a plastic bag in the cupboard at home, then I carried the baby from the table, then I put it in the plastic bag, then I put it in the seat, because the seat was not locked,” explained Sholeh.

“That was my report that my child was missing, for engineering it, I’m sorry,” he added.

Murder Motive

The police revealed the motive for the killing. The perpetrator was said to be annoyed because his child was fussy and kept crying.

“Because the baby was at home, fussy, crying so that the father of the child felt annoyed and angry, so he did the act earlier, namely smothering him to death,” said the Head of the Pati Police, Kombes Andhika Batu Adhittama during a press conference at the Pati Police, Wednesday ( 3/5/2023).

He added that Naura’s parents had no family problems. According to him, the perpetrators of numbers have the heart to kill their children because they cannot control their emotions.

“Until now, we have examined the parents, there are no problems, because the father is still 20 years old, so his emotions cannot be controlled when he hears that his child is fussy and crying, finally he becomes emotional and commits murder by smothering him,” he said.

Perpetrator Becomes a Suspect

The police named Mohammad Sholeh Ika Saputra (20), as a suspect in the murder of the missing baby in Pati. The suspect is facing life imprisonment.

“The legal threat to the alleged article is 76c juncto article 80 paragraph 3 of the Republic of Indonesia Law number 35 of 2014 concerning amendments to the Republic of Indonesia Law number 23 of 2022 concerning the protection of subsidiary children article 340 of the Criminal Code, punishable by a maximum of life or for 20 years,” said the Kapolresta Pati, Kombes Andhika Bayu Adhittama during a press conference at the Pati Police, Wednesday (3/5/2023).


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