The beginning of an influenza epidemic in Tatarstan is expected by the end of December –


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6:11 / 7 December

The beginning of an influenza epidemic in Tatarstan is scheduled for the end of December.

The residents are well protected. This year unprecedented vaccination coverage.

In Tatarstan, about 16,000 cases of ARVI were registered in the last week. Of these, 8 thousand have represented for Kazan. Head of Rospotrebnadzor for Tatarstan Marina Patyashina noted that in general the epidemiological situation of influenza and ARVI is calm.

– So far, only in three regions of the country is there a significant excess of the epidemic threshold. Here we observed a slight increase of 3.5%. In Kazan the excess was 8%. Usually, adults get sick six times less often than children, "Marina Patyashina said," Since mid-November, we have witnessed a weekly increase in the incidence of ARVI. "By the end of this month, we expect a significant excess of epidemic threshold for influence.Today there is not a single case of influence among the residents of our republic.

Rospotrebnadzor has organized the monitoring of severe forms of ARVI. In determining the pathogen that caused this infection, 1,016 patients were examined. In every third case, probirinovirus positive.

According to the head of the department, this does not mean that the influence will not arrive in Tatarstan. He is already walking through Russia, and the republic is ready to meet him. The residents were well protected from the flu: this year the unprecedented vaccination coverage is 48% of the population, which is almost 1 million 800 thousand people. Among these, 600 thousand are children. The coverage of risk groups is also high – around 90%. Traditionally, doctors, workers in the field of education and services have taken root.

Marina Patyashina recalled non-specific prophylaxis measures, which are particularly important on the eve of New Year's holidays. If you feel bad, your temperature has risen sharply, so you should call a doctor immediately. In this case, you can not go to work, bring a child to kindergarten or to school. If you are close to a sick person, it is advisable to wear a mask so that the virus does not spread to the whole team.

– Personal preventive measures will never be redundant. It is necessary to wash the hands with soap and water as often as possible, to ventilate the room, to perform wet cleaning. "In the period of recovery of ARVI, complete sleep, balanced nutrition and sport are important," said the speaker.

During the spread of viruses in quarantine schools and closed nurseries. A measure of this kind, according to Patyashina, is very correct.

– We always support it. Despite the fact that the influenza virus has not yet been released, the educational processes have already been suspended in four children's educational organizations. A school in the Cheremshansky district, two classes in the Kazan schools and one class in the Aznakaevsky district are closed. When 20% of children in a class do not attend classes due to illness, it is recommended to temporarily store this class so that the infection does not spread even more, he added the head of the Republican office .

Influenza vaccination protects against 95% infection, since the remaining 5% is the population whose body as a whole is unable to produce immunity for vaccination. But at the same time, the vaccinated person still has the risk of contracting the flu. This is possible if a person has recently been sick or lacked protein nutrition. In all cases, the vaccine protects against complications that may result from influenza.

These are viral pneumonia, otitis media, complications of the heart and central nervous system. There are fulminant forms of influence that lead to disastrous consequences.

Influenza is considered the most difficult disease among all acute respiratory viral infections. Today rhinovirus manifests mainly. This is not the flu, but a very mild form of infection. Speaking in simple words – a runny nose.

– The vaccination was completed in mid-November, as we prepare traditionally for the arrival of influence from December 1st. To develop immunity from vaccination, it is necessary to wait at least two weeks. Now we are completely prepared to wait for the influence, which is impossible to avoid, – noted the head of the department. – A substantial excess of the epidemic threshold will be at the end of December. It could decrease in January due to the New Year's holidays. Probably it will rise again at the end of January.

By the way, gadget lovers must be doubly careful.

On phones and tablets, the virus can also hide. On the screens it is saved up to seven days. Even if you've already recovered, there's the risk of taking the virus again. Marina Patyashina recommends cleaning the gadgets with wet wipes, because now more than ever we need measures to protect against influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections.


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Author of the photo: Ira Rokityanskaya


16:18 / 7 December

"We have not yet made a movie, which could be called Tatar proudly"

The writer Rabit Batulla shared his opinion on the film "Insaf", shot in his drama.

A technical demonstration of the film "Insaf" by Tatar took place in the Kazan Palace of Culture "Lenin". Despite the day of the week of the week and the unpopularity of the cinema hall, the photo taken from the famous play by the playwright Tartar Rabita Batullah "Kicher mine, әnkәy", about 200 people arrived. It is possible that some of them are relatives and friends of actors, but there were also those who have no connection with the artists.

– We saw a poster on social networks, so they came to support the Tatar cinema. A game before seeing it in the theater. In general, we try to go to all the movies of the Tatars, even if they are so rarely shown, "said the spectator Farida Khayrullovna.

A special guest, Rabit Batulla, was invited to the screening of the film. According to the idea of ​​the director, with the participation of the public with the writer and the entire creative composition of the picture was to discuss the work and exchange of criticism. But when they announced that Batulla could not come for health reasons and had already turned off the light, he entered the hall.

– The taxi waited a long time, did not wait. I came for a ride, – the aksakal explained the delay.

Under the strong applause of the playwright, they sat in the front row and the show started.

In the story, the teenager Insaf wins a large amount of lottery money, which excites everyone in the district. After learning this news, the real mother of the young, Dilfuza, who once threw him against her elder sister Minzifa, arrives in the village and asks her to return her son.

Hearing of the great sum, Insafu is visited by his father, Kiram, aferyuga. He wants to adopt a boy. The main character is divided between three lights. He faces a dilemma: either he leaves with his mother, who bores him or with his father, or stays with Minzifa, who raised him. As a result, the boy makes an extraordinary decision.

Movie director Farit Davletshin and producer Natalia Topal shared the details of creating an & # 39; image. It turned out that this is not the first joint image of the duet, based on the dramas of Rabit Batullah. This time they decided to dwell on the theme of the village, arguing that in recent times there has been a growing interest in national films of Tatars around the world, as confirmed by the recent victory of the film "Gyshyk Almasy" at the ; Indian Film Festival.

– We decided not to chase the Hollywood technologies that we would never have achieved, but to show our and take spiritual food. As a foreigner, the public is interested in the Tartar language with all its melisma and is a lively talk, – says Topal.

There were no problems with the incarnation of the idea of ​​a purely Tatar film. Professional and aspiring artists of the theaters Kamalovsky and Karievsky worked on this. The difficulties arose in another plan: financial. Like everyone else who has ever been involved in the Tatar cinema, the producer has defined the "ridiculous" amount as "ridiculous".

– We started shooting without any material support last year. They have invested their personal funds. The actors were immediately told that there is no money, they will be shot free. Thanks to them for not giving up. When the work was up, they asked the President of the Republic for help Rustam Minnikhanov. The Ministry of Culture gave us 2 million rubles, which helped us complete the shoot, "he says.

The director calls his photo the first Tatar family comedy. The scenario was for them. Not without some changes. One of the main was the new name of the film – "Insaf".

– Our main character is so called. His name means "conscientious" in the translation, which generally concentrates the entire meaning of our film. In addition, "Kicher Mine, UNKY" many have already seen. And it will be something new ", explains Farit Davletshin.

But Rabit Batulla believes that, in this regard, the creators are a little mistaken, even if they are not offended by having changed their names.

– Davletshin says he does not want to repeat. But this would not be a repetition. People continue willingly to this performance. And the film itself should invite the viewer to the movie, he says.

– Did you like the movie? – we asked the writer.

– I, as a writer, can not say anything about the film, as well as about the performances that are put in my works. The author sees in his own way, the director – in his own way. 18 of my shows were put on stage, but I did not like any of them. In this case, I ask people. If he likes it, then I do not mind, – replies the writer.

– Maybe there were any comments?

– C & # 39 were, of course. If they ask me, I will give my advice. If you want to make more films about my works, I will not mind. There are no films that could be called the Tatar movie with pride. We are in this area are just starting to learn something. The Tatar cinema is when the film is made on the life of the Tatars, the Tatar artists play us and speak only the Tatars. It is about language. This is not an antipathy for Russian. On the contrary, great love. Do not break the great Russian language. We have to speak our language, the writer is sure.

The president of the Film Union of the Republic of Tatarstan spoke Ildar Yagafarovthat this year also presented his Tatar film "Baigal".

– C & # 39 was the feeling that the first real roundabout image of Tatar was finally born. I know for sure that it will be observed everywhere and with pleasure. Today it is strategically important that you come to the cinema, where there will be an author, a festival and a cinema of turtles, says the source.

Most viewers thanked everyone involved in the work on the painting and expressed admiration. We only made some comments on the sound and in some places the artists beat.

– For us, it does not matter if the show has been opened or closed. It is important that it was. And the fact that the film has already managed to bring us to the current stage – that says a lot, – said one of the spectators.

Speaking of the film's further destiny, the director hopes to have the time to finalize the film and show it to the Muslim Film Festival commission, which will be held next April to April. Also Davletshin will export the film to the regions of the republic. After all, "where else can the Tatar films be projected, if not in Tatarstan?" The release is scheduled for March. Until then, the director expects to deliver the film "TatarKino", which, according to Davletshin, is "responsible for the rental" of Tatar images.


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