The beginning of the Gujitsu vice-president's cup in the island hall today

The first round of the Cup of His Highness the Vice President of the State of Jujitsu Club will be held at the Al Jazeira Club Hall in Abu Dhabi and the Football Federation of the United Arab Emirates has announced that it has attracted an exceptional list of Jujitsu players in the Emirates Arab. Which carries one of the most expensive national titles.
Among the players are Al Karbi, Al Ain Sports and Cultural Club and Mohammed Al Kaabi, 777, who recently returned to the medals won in honor of the United Arab Emirates by the "Masters of Jakarta".
The State Vice President's Cup is highly appreciated at the national club level, considering the adoption of various technical standards such as open belt weights and international laws, which contribute to the promotion of professionalism among the players of the state and qualify them to participate in Asian and international championships that adopt the same standards.
The competition includes three categories: "Men over the age of 21", "Youth under 21", "Under 15, 16 and 17" to compete for five slots for the tournament and players will test a different method of judgment Known as the "return role", which will guarantee the losers the opportunity to return to play a second game before leaving the final in order to compete for the bronze medal.
Rashid Ateeq Al Hamli, a member of the board of Al Jazeera Club, said: "The club, in collaboration with the Jujitsu Emirati Federation, has completed all the preparations for the success of the hosting and the organization of the tournament."
Al Hamli expressed the pride of the club for the honor of inaugurating the first round of the tournament and expressed his deep thanks to the United Arab Emirates Federation for the great confidence in the ability of the club Al-Jazira to host the various tournaments in the 2018-2019 season in Abu Dhabi.
Al-Jazira Club has also hosted the first and most successful seasonal tournaments in the Cup of His Highness the President of the State of Gujitsu and is preparing to host a new high-profile tournament for the hearts and minds of all fans and followers of Gujitsu.
Al Hamli stressed that the executive direction of the other game provider is eager to provide all the technical and administrative support necessary for the championship to show the most beautiful image worthy of the name of the tournament.
L & # 39; Ing. Sulaiman Al Hajri, a member of the board of the sporting and cultural club of Sharjah, said that the club pays great attention to the sport of jujitsu and to all the tournaments that take place in the country as a sport with a large audience and support. The state and its daughters.
Al-Hajri stressed that the Sharjah Club team's preparations are ongoing and ongoing, both at the technical and administrative staff level or the players involved, through intensive training to improve the team's skills in order to appear honorably and win a cup bearing the name of His Highness the Vice President of the State.
Al-Hajeri explained that the Sharjah Club will participate in 22 players of all categories and weights with a focus on winning the highest points, which is characterized by the ability to increase the level of attrition among the players.
The first round of the Vice President's Championship will be the introduction of two more rounds: the Emirates Federation Jugitsu will host the second round of competitions at Fujairah in January, before reaching the final stage of the Dubai World. It grows in March next year.

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