The Belgian wants to go on vacation, crisis or not, and will pay the price: here are the trends for 2023

Did you say economic crisis? We have been talking about a loss of purchasing power for Belgians and all the consequences this has had on the economy for many months, but some sectors are doing better than others. We have already mentioned the Horeca which is suffering the effects of price increases, but which continues to fill its restaurants. It is an indication of the desire of the population to continue to have fun, when possible. For the tourism sector, this seems all the more true. Belgians will go on vacation in 2023, and are even ready to spend more money to enjoy it. This is what the latest figures from the GFG Travel Intentions Report (GTIR), commissioned by ABTO, the Belgian Association of Tour Operators, indicate. “The average maximum spending budget for their holidays, according to the intentions of our fellow citizens, amounts to 858 euros per person, up compared to 2020 (769 euros) but not dramatically, especially if we consider inflation account. It is at a level close to that of 2021 where the desire to travel again and enjoy it after months of confinement was very strong. If we look more specifically at the maximum budget per person for a package travel by plane, this rises to 1207 euros, much more than before Corona (927 euros): the increase reaches 30% between 2020 and 2023”, we learn.

Do you need to have your pets looked after during the summer holidays? Hurry up, the availabilities in the guesthouses are melting like snow in the sun

Inflation partly explains this phenomenon since everything increases, even the price of holidays. But we are also talking here about intention to spend, so the amount that the Belgians are ready to put on the table even before having reserved. There are also some changes in habits in terms of the type of accommodation. “In terms of accommodation, the hotel faces increasing competition from rentals of houses, villas and other apartments. But it maintains its positions in the context of air travel packages (84% still prefer it).

And in terms of favorite destinations? France obviously remains at the top (19% of trips), ahead of Spain (8.5%), Italy (5.5%) and the Netherlands (4%). And Belgium? It ranks second as a destination, with 11% of intentions, compared to 12.1% in 2022 and 15.7% in 2021.

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