The benefits of the World Cup race (in big clubs)


"FIFA has shared the benefits of Russia 2018 with 416 clubs worldwide" FIFA Tuesday, which announced the figures of his generosity with this title. A generosity to be weighed by noting that the total budget of $ 209 million represents only a small fraction of its revenue, estimated at $ 6.1 billion for the 2015-2018 cycle[[[[1].

In detail, these figures confirm that the distribution system – indexed by the number of players and their playing time – is a typical case of enrichment mechanisms for the richest who have multiplied in football.

At the level of the continental confederations, first. Europe takes three quarters (76%) of the cake for its 254 clubs involved, eight times the amount touched by the Asian Confederation (AFC), 25 times that of the African confederation.

Within Europe, we face the five most powerful nations, the most powerful of them – the Premier League – stands out clearly: already at the forefront of all revenue rankings (TV rights, marketing, ticketing …), England will receive a bonus of 37.4 million euros.

European clubs collect on average $ 621,000, almost twice as many clubs in North and Central America or Asia. But this media masks a very strong disparity between the wealthy and the others, for every continent and for each league.

"Not surprisingly, note the FIFA candidly,the ten teams with the highest number of players in the qualifiers and who in return receive most of the profits, are European strongholds ".

In other words, the device is designed to put clubs on top of this list with the means to concentrate a considerable number of internationals, with variations related to qualified teams, their profiles and their course in Russia. The podium of the team best equipped with the globalists consists of Chelsea (19), Manchester City (19) and Real Madrid (18). City, Real and Tottenham occupy the collected amount.

Some national champions, belonging to smaller leagues, which employ many of the country's internationals, are however "outclassed": Al Hilal and Al Ahli (Saudi Arabia, 17isand 19is), Al Ahly (Egypt, 24is), or even Sporting Portugal (16is). On the other hand, Italian clubs pay for the non-qualification of the blue Team (Inter 20is, Milan 30is, Rome 35is), and Bayern the shorter course of the Mannschaft («Only» 11is).

On the French side, Paris Saint-Germain and AS Monaco are among the top 10, bringing respectively close to 4 and 3 million, far ahead of the Olympique de Marseille (33is) and Olympique Lyonnais – of which 64isthe place (behind the Toulouse FC) can surprise you. The red star, the last hexagonal club, is 441isand reached 21,225 euros.

The sums distributed to the rich clubs are paradoxically small compared to their budgets, but the principle of a "redistribution" that directs the resources among those who already have more is so general in football that it does not seem possible we think of another, reverse, able to compensate for the differences.

The latest report by the International Center for the Study of Sport (CIES) confirms the worsening of economic inequalities in European football and its deleterious effects on the balance of competitions. He notices that the differences"They are much more important in the richest leagues than the others". And he concludes: "All the indicators analyzed show a tendency towards a greater imbalance (…) The situation is favorable to the richer clubs, which extend their daily sport, their economic and even political domination".

[[[[1]It should be remembered that "the compensation" of the internationals made available to the selections was, in the course of the 2000s, one of the club's battle horses, launched in a long offensive against selection football. This campaign has finally won both UEFA (from Euro 2008) and FIFA (from the 2010 World Cup). This offensive continues today. Just recently, UEFA's European competition projects have gone further in the direction of the exclusion of selection football.

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