The Berghotel Sonnwies tries to be a family and luxury accommodation at the same time


SIf I would like to be too fast in the switchbacks or get sick of you, please let me know, “says the taxi driver, who takes us from Bressanone train station to the mountains. That starts off extraordinarily. In any case, this is a stranger's view of the work of transporters of mountainous regions. Without rushing on precipices todesdesüßüßend, arises for me as a package-socialized no real Berghotelanfahrtsgefühl. Those who did not see their life passing by once or twice on their journey did not really deserve to be enthralled by civilization.

I thought so far. But now two toddlers are on board; Toddlers tired of the long train ride who do not feel like communication. So I have to answer the friendly likes-you questions that mindful Anton – or was it a Josef? On the return trip, it will definitely be a Wolfgang – incessantly. And I adore the weather and snow forecasts attentively, although my smalltalk skills after long train rides are more like those of my children. But what you do not do anything for the little ones. “Here we see the mountain village Lüsen for the first time,” explains Reimund in a well-tempered, tourist-friendly voice with a practiced finger pointing to a sugared mountain peak. “Yes, that's what a mountain village looks like!”, I reply clearly too heartily. The Andi laughs and breaks off abruptly. He seems to suspect sarcasm where there is only social incompetence.

The boss personally pushes snow

The city children's eyes get bigger from curve to curve. We pass through hotels and other farmhouses converted into tourism-functional sites and pragmatic gray buildings, in between a poster of red-cheeked boys who have won second place in an agricultural competition. Or something with winter sports? That's what mountain boys have to look like! Whether the Lüsener Hotel “Watscherhof”, which now flits past the side window, is also a child-friendly? How did you get his name? Were the children of the region once sent here as vacationers, and they wanted to make it clear on their behalf that there is Christian discipline and order? There are few shops, no pharmacies, but car service and bus stops, where the spirits of generations of desperate village youth hover around. Everyone knows everyone here. Another curve greeting to the bus driver, and we arrived.

The Hotel Sonnwies nestles over the village in wooded, gentle mountains, which protrude into a gray, but not dreary cloud soup. With a splendid light-wood balcony main house and some adjoining houses, in which state-of-the-art apartments are located or child-friendly viewing gadget is kept, nothing is too rustic and yet all so rural, as it serves the wellness idea. This is what a noble country hotel should look like. The boss personally pushes snow from the narrow, steep streets with tractor and shovel attachment. It works, you notice immediately, family, neat and classy. Accordingly, the car park is full of SUVs from at least three countries and you even as a train driver an exotic.

Please do not paint the stone pine wood: The room also strives for a compromise of country hotel and daycare.

There is a staircase in front of the reception desk so that children can also be served. An invitation that even an accomplished six-year-old and her flabby four-year-old brother can not resist. Now they are standing there looking at the discreet traditional-looking receptionists. “Well, hello, who are you?” No answer from the children. No impatience on the other side. “Come on. May I show you everything? “It nods. You know, as promised, to deal with the young guests.

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